Radio tests

Radio tests - Carrying out a measurement

Sicom Testing performs, in its laboratories, all tests necessary for radio products

Radio tests

The directive 2014/53/EU regulates the placing on the European market Radio equipment and it requires manufacturers and importers to proceed with the assessment of conformity prior to affixing the CE mark and market the products. The presumption of conformity can be obtained by the completing of all the provisions of the harmonized standards applicable to the product.

Sicom Testing performs, in its laboratories, all tests required for certification of radio equipment and all products that have radio interfaces. The testing capabilities include all major standards used today including GSM, GPRS, GPS, UMTS, LTE, DECT, SRD, RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

The service offering is structured so as to cover the different needs of customers:

  • execution of the minimum verifications as required by law
  • performance testing
  • measurement of service quality
  • verification of interoperability with the telecommunications networks
  • beta testing systems
  • depth analysis sessions and product correction
  • preparation of Technical Construction Files
  • batch control of components and products in incoming and outgoing

Testing of radio equipment

Radio equipment, in addition to the requirements of Electromagnetic Compatibility and Security, must ensure the correct use of the electromagnetic spectrum.
It is therefore required that the radio device transmits within the frequency limits, power and transmission times set out in European standards and according to the plans of the national frequencies of the Member States. Since the radio product is an intentional transmitter, some of the electromagnetic compatibility tests are conducted in a different way compared to those of the other equipment.

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