Tests at the service of the design


Tests at the service of the design

When the product presents non-compliance or functional problems, Sicom Testing It provides the customer with in-depth sessions and correction at our laboratories using analytical tools and specific methods. The goal is to find cost-effective solutions quickly not to delay putting the product market.

Typically, in-depth sessions are conducted by technicians of Sicom Testing together with those of the client company.

In some cases run the sessions with the customer participates in distance, connecting by telephone or Skype and, in fact, technicians Sicom Testing, will carry out all measures, they also become "hands" that actually make changes on the product according to customer requirements. This solution has proved effective and convenient because reduces costs away their technical staff not to compromise with the quality of results.

In cases where the customer wants to perform partial tests to detect in advance any critical of his product, Sicom Testing It proposes Pre-testing sessions in order to reduce the risks of non-compliance during the final testing. This can be particularly useful when the product using new components and innovative design solutions.

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