Human exposure and SAR testing

SAR measurement

The verification of compliance with human exposure limits today requires mastering different evaluation methods


Human exposure assessment is mandatory for all electrical and electronic equipment. Sicom Testing applies the different evaluation techniques required by the standards and can carry out the tests in its own laboratories SAR. In case of non-compliance, Sicom Testing collaborates with customers in finding the most suitable solutions to place the product on the market regularly.

Sicom Testing carries out human exposure tests and measurement of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) according to all European regulations on electrical, electronic and radio devices.

Checks of human exposure to electromagnetic fields are part of safety tests and are of particular importance since they are linked to the protection of the health of people and pets.

Attention to these safety aspects has increased in recent years and today tests are mandatory for all electrical and electronic equipment, especially for those present in domestic and working environments, including lighting equipment.

Evaluation methods

Sensitivity to this topic has been stimulated by the intensive use of mobile phones and the presence of powerful radio and television transmitters. It has been realized that there are many sources of electromagnetic fields and, recently, it has become common knowledge that radio transmitters are not the only ones that emit fields potentially harmful to people.

The verification of compliance with human exposure limits is today conducted by applying different methods depending on the characteristics of the electromagnetic field source and its position in relation to people. To be carried out properly, it requires competent and experienced personnel in this field.

There are therefore specific evaluation methods for equipment used close to the ear, such as mobile phones, those used close to the body including laptop PCs, and those placed on a table or on a wall or floor such as routers Wi-Fi and household appliances.

In order to be marketed, all portable devices used near the head or body must be subjected to measurement SAR to demonstrate their compliance with these standards. The SAR it is defined as the amount of EM energy absorbed by the human body per unit mass and is measured in W/Kg.

Applicable regulations

The telecommunications market has increased the production of devices used in close proximity to the human body, and regulations have been adopted around the world limiting maximum exposure levels.
In Europe:

  • The Recommendation of the European Council 1999/519/EC defines the “Exposure Limitation of population to electromagnetic fields from 0 Hz to 300 GHz”,
  • The Directive 2013/35/EU outlines the “minimum health and safety provisions relating to the exposure of workers to the risks deriving from physical agents (electromagnetic fields)”.

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