Testing of electronic equipment for marine use

naval equipment

Certification of equipment, radio coverage checks, quality controls

Testing of electronic equipment for marine use

Sicom Testing provides companies in the marine and recreational boating sector its consolidated experience in testing of electronic devices and radio transmitters. The laboratory test reports are accepted also in the certification by Lloyd's Register.

They are carried out:

  • Electronic Ship Testing
  • certifications of electronic and radio equipment
  • verifications of the Wi-Fi coverage and for mobile telephones on ships
  • verification of the quality of systems of communication audio, video and data

Sicom Testing also performs investigations for:

  • interference to audio and video systems
  • compatibilità elettromagnetica (interference among the several radio and electronic equipment installed on board)
  • disturbances on the lines of distribution and power supply

For the phase of equipment certification, the laboratory also performs tests of:

  • visual inspection
  • performance
  • pressure
  • insulation resistance
  • power variation
  • lack of power
  • inclination
  • vibration
  • humidity
  • low temperature
  • high voltage
  • compatibilità elettromagnetica (EMC) test equipment comprising active electronic components

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