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The equipment must be safe even in the event of foreseeable abnormal use and single failure


Electrical and electronic equipment must meet the essential safety requirements of the low voltage directive 2014/35/EU (LVD) which concerns devices with power supply voltages between 50 and 1000 Volts. For products with power supply lower than 50 Volt, the reference directive is the directive 2001/95/CE general product safety.

Sicom Testing carries out checks in accordance with the harmonized standards linked to these directives. The application of the standards includes: analysis of the diagrams and components used in the product in relation to the use indicated on the packaging and in the manual, dimensional analyzes relating to the insulation, faults, overvoltages, thermal tests, mechanical tests and flame resistance checks; applied from time to time in ways that depend on the specific product being tested.
For brevity, the set of these checks is called electrical safety testing.

Dangers and conditions of use

In the harmonized standards linked to these directives, in addition to the dangers of electric shock, other risks are considered, such as those of mechanical origin, explosion, burning, fire, emissions of light radiation, the release of toxic substances, and others.

The analysis takes into account not only the normal use of the products, but also foreseeable anomalous uses. Furthermore, the product must remain safe even in the event of a failure.

The continuous evolution of security

In recent decades, progress in the field of security has been enormous. However, the presence of a growing number of electrical and electronic devices, which use constantly evolving technologies, introduces new potential dangers.

As a result, numerous accidents still occur today due to electrical or electronic equipment that is not sufficiently safe: in Europe, on average, two products are recalled per week due to failure to comply with safety requirements.

The continuous evolution of the harmonized standards aims to protect both users of the products and companies, which in this way have effective verification procedures available to reduce the risk of accidents to people, things and animals.

Human exposure to electromagnetic fields

A particular aspect of safety is that of human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Sensitivity to this topic has been stimulated by the intensive use of mobile phones and the presence of powerful radio and television transmitters in the area. Over the years, however, it has been found that there are multiple sources of electromagnetic fields both in the home and in the workplace. For this reason it has become mandatory to evaluate human exposure for all electrical and electronic equipment.

To be carried out properly, the verification of compliance with human exposure requirements today requires mastering different assessment methods, as well as personnel with specific expertise in this field.

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