A thorough certification to avoid problems in the market

A thorough certification to avoid problems in the market

Even for those with limited production, the cost of a non-conformity of the product is considerably greater if it is detected when the product is already in circulation, compared to be detected and resolved in the process of certification.
In some cases, rely on large international brands of test and certification is not a guarantee of quality.

The application of all standards required during the certification of a product is in fact a matter of some complexity and its proper conduct requires meticulousness along with a great technical expertise.

Since the preparatory phase of the technical file for CE marking, the EU declarations of conformity and the documentation provided by the manufacturers of the individual components must be carefully evaluated.

This is an important step because it involves suppliers of the customer who is better to evaluate before starting production.

The work done by the test laboratory and certification shall aim at the protection of his client to avoid him serious drawbacks when the product is in circulation. However, some customers are not aware of this role, especially if they face delays in the planning stages can prevail a blind desire to obtain the CE mark for the product at all costs, provided that in a hurry.

How to obtain the CE mark

To get the CE certification of products, should involve a lab like Sicom Testing, characterized by competent personnel and an extreme attention to the product and customer protection.

Sicom Testing It offers a complete service for CE marking products.

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