EN 300 328 and wireless product certification: Ensuring compliance and interoperability

The EN 300 328 standard is one essential technical regulation for wireless products, which establishes electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radio spectrum requirements for radio equipment. Its application is crucial to ensure the correct functioning of wireless devices and for prevent interference with other electronic equipment present in the same environment. In this article, we will explore the details of the EN 300 328 standard and the importance of its certification for wireless device manufacturers.

The EN 300 328 standard

The EN 300 328 standard, issued by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), applies to devices that use radio frequencies in the 9 kHz to 300 GHz spectrum. The standard defines the technical requirements that products must satisfy to guarantee electromagnetic compatibility, protection from disturbances and the effective use of the radio spectrum. It covers a wide range of wireless devices, including Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, IoT devices, wireless communication systems, telemetry equipment, and many others.

Requirements of the EN 300 328 standard

The EN 300 328 standard establishes specific requirements for several characteristics of wireless devices, including transmit power, bandwidth, spectral efficiency, reception sensitivity and interference protection. The standard also defines i conformity tests that manufacturers must perform to demonstrate that their products meet these requirements. Compliance testing evaluates electromagnetic compliance, radio spectrum compliance, and interoperability of devices.

Product certification

To market and distribute wireless devices on the European market, manufacturers must obtain EN 300 328 certification. The certification confirms that the products comply with the requirements of the standard and that they have undergone the appropriate conformity tests. Certification can be obtained through accredited certification bodies, who evaluate the test results and issue the certificate of conformity. The presence of the EN 300 328 conformity mark on the product guarantees end users that the device has been adequately tested and that it complies with quality and safety standards.

Benefits of certification

EN 300 328 certification offers numerous benefits for both manufacturers and end users of wireless devices. For manufacturers, certification demonstrates commitment to quality and compliance with European standards, increasing customer confidence and facilitating access to the European market. Furthermore, certification contributes to reduce the risk of interference with other electronic equipment, ensuring the interoperability of wireless devices. For end users, certification offers the guarantee of reliable, safe products that comply with quality standards.


The EN 300 328 standard is fundamental for wireless products and for ensure electromagnetic compatibility, noise protection and interoperability. The EN 300 328 certification confirms that the products meet the requirements of the standard and that they have undergone the appropriate conformity tests. It delivers advantages for both producers and end users, helping to ensure wireless products are safe, reliable and compliant with quality standards. EN 300 328 certification represents an essential step for manufacturers who wish to market their wireless devices on the European market, ensuring compliance with standards and customer satisfaction.

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