Sicom Testing, 17 years of many achievements and new perspectives

An anniversary made of satisfactions, innovation and nascent projects is the one that sees Sicom Testing as protagonist in 2020, 17 years after its foundation, which took place in 2003 inAREA Science Park of Trieste. The company was founded at the time as a laboratory dedicated to the testing of mobile phones and radio equipment: a specialization that made room for an increasingly complex range of services, finding one of its peaks when - in 2009 - the new headquarters in San Canzian d'Isonzo which houses the company's main anechoic chamber.

Our services, our work

We have always been convinced that great technical competence must be combined with the ability to adapt to needs and requirements customer timing, one of the strengths of Sicom Testing lies inconstant support, before, during and after the product certification phase. The laboratory guarantees simple processes in the development of the product itself and maximum speed in carrying out services in a constantly updated context: this company mission has remained a cornerstone over time, ensuring that Sicom Testing could - and can - present itself as a leading laboratory for medium and large companies, particularly overseeing the productive fabric of Northern Italy.

Born as a laboratory for examinations and certifications of electronic products and radio modules, Sicom Testing has focused its work on research and development, incorporating services such as the testing of products in the industrial, railway, nautical, household appliances, lighting and furniture sectors electrified. L'expansion of the offer translates into an increase in the quality of the services themselves, so much so that among the products tested so far none have presented problems for all the aspects tested by the laboratory.

Some important stages

The radio equipment testing activity, since the company was founded, has been carried out for high-calibre customers such as, for example, the Ministry of Economic Development And Telecom Italia. In particular, in 2009, within a project for the verification and control of electromagnetic pollution, it was Sicom Testing itself that provided a tailor-made laboratory to the Telecom Italia group which, as the director Roberto Passini explained in ainterview given to the GEDI editorial group he was favorably impressed by the equipment and procedures developed by Sicom Testing, to the point of deciding to replicate its operational model.

Furthermore, among the activities worth mentioning, the agreement signed with has a special place CATAS, a leading laboratory in the field of mechanical and chemical testing with a very long experience in theelectrified furniture, with a view to offering a complete service for everything concerning this type of product. This initiative has entailed and entails the possibility - for furniture manufacturing companies - of interfacing with a single interlocutor capable of satisfying all the requests necessary for production.

Another noteworthy partnership is the one defined by the agreement between Sicom Testing and Udicer/Nautitest, a Notified Body that carries out all verification and certification procedures for the CE marking of pleasure craft and similar components which - with this agreement - is combined with the effectiveness of Sicom Testing as a testing, certification and testing laboratory for electrical, electronic and radio equipment naval sector.

Our anechoic chambers

If the approach to work and the completeness of the services offered are fundamental elements for the definition of a company, so is the equipment used. This is why Sicom Testing constantly invests in the supply of new environments, vehicles and equipment necessary for an increasingly effective performance of operations.

The four anechoic chambers of Sicom Testing, used for EMC measurements, represent a great achievement in terms of execution and verification of the work, especially considering Sicom Testing's experience in setting up various rooms for companies, of different sizes and budgets.

The main Sicom Testing chamber has a size of 6x6x9 meters – which makes it suitable to meet the requirements for European but also North American measurement environments – and is equipped with two pre-chambers and a reflective floor.

New goals and projects

To respond to the growing demand for orders and provide increasingly articulated and complex operations, Sicom Testing is looking for laboratories with which to establish a profitable collaboration, in the name of cooperation and synergy. A perspective that is more necessary than ever today, especially considering the difficulty of the international production fabric in terms of post-Covid restart and the need to support companies in restarting their activities.

Sicom Testing's goal for the future is to provide increasingly broad support to its client companies starting from clarifications on questions for how to obtain the CE mark, until'execution of all tests necessary, with the preparation of technical file and of EU declaration of conformity.

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