Safety and Health at Work

Safety at work includes a series of measures aimed at protecting those who work in risky situations and protecting their health from accidents or occupational diseases.
The working environment can present various risks due to physical, chemical, electrical agents or exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Although most sources of EMC fields, present in both domestic and workplace environments, produce non-hazardous levels of human exposure to electromagnetic fields, some of the most intense man-made electromagnetic sources are found in the workplace.

The physiological effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body depend primarily on the frequency, since different frequencies interact in different ways with the body: once certain levels of exposure and intensity are exceeded, low frequencies can cause stimulation of nerves and muscles, while high frequencies can cause the heating of biological tissues.
In any case, these are short-term effects, as there is currently no concrete evidence of long-term effects.

Those responsible for safety


The risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields often derive from the use of equipment which, due to its ease of handling and poor diffusion, is not subjected to rigid market controls.
It is the security managers within companies who detect related problems and are then responsible for their resolution.

The safety manager is often a professional figure who possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to organize and manage all aspects of prevention and protection of workers within the company.
It also takes care of informing workers about the potential risks present in the workplace, the protection measures to be implemented and the Personal protective equipment to be implemented, in order to protect their psychophysical health.

The safety manager therefore plays a very important role within the company, as he is able to detect problems, risks and dangers and activate the necessary procedures to guarantee safety.

The Prevention and Protection Service manager

In Italy this figure is identified as RSPP, Prevention and Protection Service Manager, defined in art. 2 of Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, n. 81 as the "person in possession of the professional skills and requirements [...] designated by the employer, to whom he/she reports, to coordinate the risk prevention and protection service".
The tasks of the RSPP include the identification and evaluation of risk factors, the development of preventive and protective measures and safety procedures for the various company activities, providing workers with the necessary information regarding health and safety on site of work.
The RSPP is often an external consultant who collaborates with the employer by providing his technical and regulatory knowledge, and his organizational and problem-solving skills.

Increasingly RSPP e In fact, safety managers turn to industry experts to assess the risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields, so as to be able to implement appropriate protection measures and thus guarantee the safety of workers.

Thanks to its decades of experience in the field of certifications, Sicom Testing is able to evaluate the conformity of different equipment by also offering targeted tests:

  • There SAR measurement, specific for small radio transmitting devices used close to the body;
  • The on-site testing service of human exposure to electromagnetic fields, necessary for large devices such as industrial machinery.

Sicom Testing offers a complete service for electrical safety testing, the risk assessment of human exposure to electromagnetic fields and the SAR measurement of industrial products and systems.

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