EUROPEAN provisions on the reissuance of test reports

As established in recent years, accredited testing laboratories cannot re-issue test reports changing the information relating to the product name, customer name, batch number following customer requests and with explicit reference to the previously issued test report.

This is what has been established by the accreditation bodies of the European states. The new measures adopted aim to combat incorrect practices implemented by some producers for pure economic convenience.

By taking advantage of the methods of reissuing test reports following changes to the product name, some operators have placed on the market products that do not conform to the tested model, which do not have their own EU declaration of conformity. In the event of re-issuing, in fact, the previous provisions provided that the new document had to bear a different code to be distinguishable from the original test report.
In this way, a manufacturer intending to act illegally could have two different test reports (for the price of one) for two different products, but subjecting a single product to testing.

An expedient of this type has been used several times in the case of electronic equipment produced to order in which it has been necessary to make changes according to specific requests from the client.

In compliance with testing procedures, the testing laboratory verifies that the production sample is manufactured according to the relevant standards safety, electromagnetic compatibility and use of the spectrum.
Once the test report has been issued, which refers exclusively to the product of that brand and model, it is the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that all the pieces produced conform to the model described in the EU declaration of conformity.

On the contrary, subsequent modifications during the production phase, such as the replacement of a component or the addition of a functionality, can compromise the conformity of the product with the applicable standards. Without forgetting the cases in which, in a totally illegal manner and with evident fraudulent intent, interventions are made on products to remove the protection components for electromagnetic compatibility or safety.

Therefore, whether it is a question of minor or large-scale modifications, evading testing by exploiting the expedient of reissuing test reports is an illegal practice which irresponsibly exposes the end user to risks to his health and safety.

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