SAR tests in the laboratory and human exposure occurs at radio frequency

SAR tests in the laboratory and human exposure occurs at radio frequency

The wireless handheld devices are now part of our daily habits and have almost become an extension of ourselves.
Frequently we use the smartphone and carry it in his pocket, or we the smartwatch the wrist and do not think that we are exposing our body parts, and hold, to electromagnetic fields generated by these objects that are always connected to some communication network.
The broadcasting apparatus usable in close contact with the body must be subjected to specific tests before being put on the market: the assessment of’human exposure to electromagnetic fields and the so-called SAR measurement.

What is the SAR?

The SAR, stands for Specific Absorption Rate It is defined as the amount of EM energy absorbed by human body tissues on unit mass and is measured in W / Kg.
The SAR testing, then, measure the percentage of electromagnetic energy absorbed by the human body when this is located in the vicinity of a magnetic field radiofrequency. The values ​​thus obtained make it possible to verify that they comply with the limits of safe exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Following the guidelines defined by 'International Committee for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the European Union, the United States, it Canada, Japan, Australia and other, approved standards, which determine the maximum emission levels permitted to contain within certain safety thresholds tolerance absorption.
By incorporating these provisions, in the allowable SAR value of the EU is 2 W / Kg su 10 grams of tissue. The US and Canada regulations impose stricter parameters, by fixing the limit at 1,6 W / Kg misurati su 1 gram of tissue.

The SAR testing in laboratories Sicom Testing

SAR measurement system Sicom Testing It performs the SAR measurement of electrical equipment, electronic and telecommunication can be used in the vicinity of the body.
This workshop is specially equipped for measuring the specific absorption rate of electromagnetic energy by the human tissue when exposed to EMC fields.
The equipment available to Sicom Testing allow you to perform SAR measurements of small objects, such as portable phones, or larger devices.
All measurements can be applied to various sensitive parts of the human body such as the head, the abdomen or wrist.

The SAR measurement is carried out using a machine made by a robotic arm, by an electric field probe and from special tanks, the shape of which reproduces the model and of the head of the human body. Inside the tanks it is contained a special liquid that allows to simulate the characteristics of human tissue.
The device on which tests are carried out is then positioned at the bottom of the tanks so as to simulate the use in the vicinity of the head or body. The measurement is carried out by means of a complex test procedure, at the end of which the value obtained by the measures is compared with the limits laid down by the regulations rifermento.

Sicom Testing: experience, expertise and continuous innovation

Thermography of the head The lab Sicom Testing dedicated to this type of test and measurement, and realized thanks to the collaboration of the Research Area Science Park and Friuli Venezia Giulia, from the 2006 It is unique in the area and established itself nationally recognized for its expertise in the field of checks on’human exposure.
In this compound Sicom Testing He has developed proven expertise in measuring techniques, calculation and simulation for SAR measurement, verifying the conformity of various devices to the various existing standards.

The continuous evolution of the reference standard is accompanied by a constant work of renovation, focused on skills and training of personnel as well as on laboratory instrumentation.

Sicom Testing It offers a complete service for the risk assessment of human exposure to electromagnetic fields and SAR measurement of your products.

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18 thoughts on “SAR tests in the laboratory and human exposure occurs at radio frequency”

    • Good morning Yitzac,
      the SAR value is expressed in units of watts per kilogram (W / kg) and the manufacturer shall indicate in the user manual.
      Kind regards
      Staff Sicom

  1. The SAR of a person can be "X", Due to non-ionizing radiation emissions a mobile Base Station ? In short, is a person can learn how to absorb the radiation from an antenna?

    • Hello Cristian,
      thanks for contacting us.
      The SAR measurement and evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields in general have precisely the purpose of determining how much radiation absorbs the human body exposed to a specific electromagnetic field source, for example mobile phone or base station.
      Normally, the SAR value is obtained by performing the tests on a radio device in a laboratory. In the case of a base station, the evidence relating to human exposure that can be made are those of the electric fields.
      Kind regards
      Staff Sicom

  2. Salve. I lived in 60 meters from a cellphone tower 21 years. What test would show whether a human or a dog could suffer the effects of that RF radiation?

    • Hello Shelley Ellis, thanks for contacting us. It can carry out field environmental testing to verify that the RF radiation fall within the limits provided by the regulations. Usually these tests are performed by specialized technical team to produce appropriate instrumentation.
      Kind regards
      Staff Sicom

  3. Good afternoon, I want to know if the SAR of a terminal lowers wearing warm clothes (I refer to the SAR in the body). Thank you

    • Hello Natalia, thanks for contacting us. It's’ possible that the SAR level of a device is lowered if you wear clothing. In general, the SAR value depends on the distance that exists between the body and the radio-transmitting device.
      Kind regards
      Staff Sicom

  4. The SAR value is the energy generated by RF fields ? so 1.73 w / kg emitting X phone is the heat energy generated by the body RF absorbed?

    • Good morning Edgar, thanks for contacting us.
      The SAR value expresses the measure of the percentage of electromagnetic energy absorbed by the human body when it is exposed to the action of an electromagnetic field at radio frequency. The value 1.73 W / Kg refers to the amount of energy absorbed by the body of unit mass.
      Staff Sicom

    • Good morning. I have a question. On the basis of the measurement of the criteria will be of the same smartphone, the corresponding value USA should not always be greater than EU?

      • Yup, typically it is so, However, the transmission bands are different in the two countries, so there may be unexpected results.
        Sicom Testing

    • Dear Joseph,
      according to the European standard of the SAR value it is expressed as an average value of a corresponding cube 10 g of tissue. The cube (ideal) It is placed in the maximum exposure area. The SAR is expressed in watts of power per kilogram of tissue.
      According to the US standard value is expressed on a cube only 1 g of tissue. The thus measured value is greater than the European because the media is made on a volume that is a subset of the European and which contains the maximum peak exposure.
      good job
      Sicom Testing

  5. Good morning. I valori sar dei cellulari solitamente si riferiscono all’esposizione della testa (orecchio) della persona durante la telefonata. Non trovo corrispondenza, nelle tabelle che trovo in rete, tra tali valori e quelli riferiti invece all’esposizione del corpo. Questi ultimi, mediamente, sono molto più alti dei primi. Come vengono misurati? Cambia qualcosa nel sistema di rilevamento? Thank you

    • La misura di SAR relativa al corpo viene effettuata su tutti i lati del prodotto accostandolo ad una superficie piatta. La misura di SAR relativa alla testa viene effettuata accostando il prodotto ad una superficie a forma di testa rivolgendo l’altoparlante verso l’orecchio.
      Si ottiene una misura di SAR relativa al corpo superiore a quella della testa se l’emissione avviene prevalentemente verso la parte posteriore del telefono e se l’antenna è collocata in modo da non avvicinarsi alla guancia durante l’uso vicino all’orecchio.
      Sicom Testing

  6. In un tipico letto matrimoniale, ho lasciato inavvertitamente il mio Samsung Galaxy Note 4 acceso (anche con il WiFi domestico a cui è collegato il telefono) sul mio lato (dove dormo io) mentre mia moglie riposava al pomeriggio, x un tempo di 3 / 4 ore circa.
    La distanza tra mia moglie che dormiva e lo smartphone appoggiato sul letto era tra 70 and 90 cm.
    (Io mi trovavo in un’altra stanza, altrimenti avrei subito tolto il telefono, ma me ne ero dimenticato di averlo appoggiato lì e mia moglie non lo ha visto perchè coperto casualmente dal lenzuolo).
    La domanda è: quanto influiscono i valori SAR sul corpo a simili distanze? Ed il WiFi a cui era collegato il telefono quanto incide sul valore SAR?
    Thank you.

    • Il valore di SAR diminuisce rapidamente con la distanza dal corpo. Pochi centimetri fanno una grossa differenza. Alle distanze che Lei indica l’esposizione è trascurabile.

      Buona giornata da Sicom Testing

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