Quality tests on electrical and electronic products for large-scale distribution

In production chains for large-scale distribution, it is essential to put in place preventive actions that allow you to know in advance the conformity – or any problems – of the products, with a view to a solid Save time and money, but also the maintenance of a high brand reputation among end consumers.

To offer users a range of Safe and efficient products tests must be carried out, Measurements and checks at a Testing and certification laboratory competent. These quality checks are the full guarantee of the conformity of the products to the regulations in force, therefore of their proper functioning and the maintenance of a’Positive corporate image and reliable, factor of utmost importance for the big players in the large-scale retail sector.

Quality of electrical and electronic products: Testing & Certifications

With a view to confirming the Safety requirements for electrical and electronic products for large-scale distribution, All the Preventive tests and – ideally – Follow-up checks, also on a sample basis.

Remember, indeed, that importers and distributors – without prejudice to the obligations that are customary for manufacturers – they are required to know the CE certification and the Accompanying documentation of products, identifying potential criticalities or non-conformities. In case of controls, product accidents or malfunctions, importers and distributors must also be able to demonstrate that you have acted with accuracy, putting in place all the necessary control measures for the products they put on the market.

In order to ensure compliance of the device with the applicable directives, a’constructive analysis of the device, the execution of the Product-related tests, verifying markings, accompanying documentation and technical documentation of product. The risk analysis and usability of the device can be verified, approaching any further tests in relation to the specific product.

Importing from Asia: quality tests for large-scale distribution

Importing from Asia – and generally from countries outside the EU – electrical products, electronic and radio for large-scale distribution is an activity that requires the Finding effective suppliers and partners, but also the evaluation of the regulations relating to the type of product, the necessary tests and certifications of conformity.

In the process, the verification of product quality, at various stages of their production and distribution process. If the manufacturer does not belong to the EU, indeed, The importer and distributor are required to ensure that the products are properly documented, thus avoiding Sanctions, Customs blocks and Legal issues. It is not uncommon, indeed, that the certifications held by Asian suppliers are not sufficient or suitable to market products in Italy.

Quality control on electrical products, electronics and radios for large-scale distribution is a fundamental step that, generally, is required at various times: in the phase of production, before the departure of the goods, but also once you arrive, in order to counter the certifications and make Spot checks.

A competent testing and certification laboratory, as Sicom Testing, has the task of performing the necessary laboratory tests, in relation to harmonised standards, for the purpose of obtaining – or confirming – compliance with European directives, affixing or verifying the CE marking of imported products.

Corporate image, Quality tests and certifications

The most attentive modern retail chains pose a great care for customer satisfaction, A key element in an increasingly digital and interconnected world, where an opinion about a product – positive or negative – can be made known to very large portions of users.

The large large-scale retail groups, indeed, turn to Sicom Testing, not only to certify, Review and evaluate product safety issues, but also for tests related to their usability and their performance, performed according to Fully customized procedures, with a view to the full satisfaction of the final consumer.

The presence of these quality checks, and Retesting of imported products, has a positive effect on the corporate brand reputation and therefore on related profits. The enormous value of the concept of reputation in consumer choice processes has been the subject of research by Weber Shandwick in the analysis "The State of Corporate Reputation".

The report defines that, on average, Executives of leading global companies surveyed attribute the 63% of their company's market value to their brand's overall reputation. The claim of the research – "Everything Matters Now" – insists on a key concept: In the age of social media, of customer review sharing portals, A small malfunction or a minimal accident can have a very impact on turnover. The Corporate Reputation And, therefore, An invaluable asset to get the most out of it Financial return.

Choosing the right laboratory

Large retailers regularly rely on qualified partners to offer customers products that fully meet their expectations. Orientation in the choice of the laboratory is essential for the success of the process, given the peculiarities and needs of the distribution channel.

Small or medium-sized laboratories They look like Optimal partners in terms of Privacy Policy and Accuracy of responses, compared to large certification groups that may be better suited to handle a massive range of products – perhaps distributed in various countries – quickly.

While, But, the amount of products is of medium size or there is to be deepened with extreme accuracy a specific theme – or evaluate, even, The accident of a product – a small laboratory can guarantee the customer a’Fully dedicated attention, which translates into greater care and Certainly effective and detailed responses.

Moreover, In a small or medium-sized laboratory you can benefit from high levels of confidentiality, given the smaller group of people who come into contact with customer information, This condition is difficult to replicate in the case of a larger certification partner.

Customer care, the complete Customization of trials and tests, maximum protection of privacy, Twenty years of experience in the sector, the availability of highly qualified staff who knows the needs of large-scale distribution, make Sicom Testing An ideal partner for companies operating in this distribution channel.

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