Malfunctioning products and cross-verification of certification tests

In the life of a product, even after it has been placed on the market, may occur Issues related to operation, Very often when the device is already at the end users. Security and feature issues that, therefore, undermine the authority of the manufacturing company (or distributor), putting your relationship of trust with the customer at risk.

In the case of malfunctioning products, it is advisable to operate a Counter-verification of certification tests at a competent laboratory. Cross-verification may involve a constructive analysis of the device, the re-execution of tests related to the product and its critical areas, carrying out further tests in relation to the reported problem.

Counter-checks on problematic products: Obligations and figures involved

As it is known, at a general level, CE certification and monitoring of product conformity over time are to be counted among the duties of the manufacturer, but there are various cases that involve in first person the figures of importer and distributor.

Importer and distributor – at the level of general tasks – must both ensure that while the products remain under their responsibility, these are not modified in such a way that their compliance could be jeopardised. Of substantial importance is the’obligation – valid for both figures – to put in place all necessary control measures, especially in case of product malfunctions.

In the process of control by the competent authorities on product-related incidents, indeed, importers and distributors must be able to demonstrate that you have acted with speed and accuracy. In this context, the Counter-checks on problematic products are a fundamental activity for consumer protection, but also to guarantee the authority of the actors in the production and distribution chain.

Malfunctioning products: failure of certification tests

After identifying the product that presents problems related to its safe use by the end user, Companies turn to a competent laboratory to proceed with the Counter-verification of certification tests of the device, analyzing it in its Critical components and subjecting it to Specific tests.

In almost all cases, A product that has revealed problems of use is a product that Fails to counter-verify certification tests. In general, therefore, it is virtually certain that a product that fails certification tests (at any stage these are proposed to him) will be a product that will present problems of use.

This happens because the Certification tests are extremely close to possible problems in the real use of the product, presenting itself as a tool of excellent reliability in providing indications on the quality of the device to be placed on the market.

What is the right laboratory to test a critical product?

A product journey accident is a critical moment for any company, Therefore, the choice of the most suitable laboratory is essential to manage this delicate phase effectively and decisively..

If large certification groups can be preferred if you have to certify a wide range of products in a very short time, in the case of a product that has revealed problems Small or medium-sized laboratories They look like More effective partners terms of accuracy of responses and protection of corporate privacy.

The high levels of care and Customer Focus – that involve small laboratories – are decisive factors in case you need deepen a specific theme or a Product-related issues. In more intimate contexts, indeed, The customer is managed with a completely dedicated attention, which translates into greater care in operations and certainly more effective and complete responses.

In terms of Respect for privacy, Furthermore, A small or medium-sized laboratory ensures a high degree of confidentiality, having regard to the smaller working group that comes into contact with the information, requirement that a larger certification partner could not guarantee.

Thanks to the Complete customization of trials and tests on critical and non-critical products, to proximity to customers wherever their locations are, maximum protection of privacy and twenty years of experience in the sector, Sicom Testing continues to be an ideal partner for companies that need Counter-checks and tests on electrical products, electronic and radio products.

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