The market for furniture products incorporating electrified components is an area with strong growth and of particular interest to manufacturers of the sector: sofas and easy chairs, desks, adjustable in height, motorized beds, components of furniture with integrated lighting and wireless connectivity, They are spreading rapidly in our daily lives, both private and professional.

Wednesday 27 June 2018, at the headquarters of Federlegno in Milan, is a free training meeting was held with the aim to define the European regulatory environment in which we put the furniture electrified and inform producers about their responsibilities and how to fulfill its obligations.
The seminar was attended: the Dott.Andrea Giavon, Director of laboratory TASTING woodworking and furniture industry, and Dr. Roberto Passini, Director of Sicom Testing, testing laboratory certification of components for the lighting, electrical products, electronic and electrical apparatus testing of motorized furniture components.

CATAS and the mesi Sicom Testing cooperate to provide support to manufacturers wishing to enter the European market their electrified furniture in accordance with applicable regulations.

The conference was precisely the objective of illustrating the situation of electrified furniture in Europe starting dall'inquadramento of the applicable directives, CE marking furniture and then passing to the analysis of some typical or special cases such as furnishing components for medical use.


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