The main anechoic chamber celebrates Sicom 5 years!

Sicom test s.r.l. celebrating these days the 5th anniversary of the implementation of its main anechoic chamber used for measures EMC.
This is the fourth anechoic chamber that Sicom laboratory uses and is larger than all previous: it is in fact a room of 6x6x9 meters provided with two pre-chambers. For Sicom was an important step forward and is well worth the purchase of a new warehouse, need to host this important working tool.

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Studies and experiments made with previous anechoic chambers have allowed Sicom to develop a good competence in this matter and helped to define the set-up solutions to the room. On the other hand Sicom has also set up rooms for other enterprises, including Telecom Italy, and in all cases the elasticity of the designers has allowed us to propose solutions for any budget and cropped to lthe customer's specific requirement. Rather, It was sometimes just the cheapest solutions to enable you to be more daring in terms of innovation and materials, and finally they have witnessed outstanding performance.

The room now fulfills 5 years has reflective floor which makes it suitable to perform tests also according to the more traditional standard; and thanks to its size responds fully to the requirements for both European measurement environments for those North American.
smaller rooms they may not have the characteristics of site performance (NSA, normalized site attenuation) requests from the standards at lower frequencies. However, rooms of insufficient size are very common and surprisingly is used in many laboratories accredited. Among them there are some who at the time of accreditation using a site but then take measurements for customers in another; in some cases the accredited site in question is a site open, not currently a suitable solution either for emission measurements or for immunity measurements, due to the high level of noise present in the environment and the laws that vietano to emit disturbances during the measurements.

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