Electrical equipment and the new Low Voltage Directive

Electrical equipment and the new Low Voltage Directive

The European Parliament and the European Council have issued the new Low Voltage Directive (LVD) Directive 2014/35 / EU riguardante la disposizione sul mercato di material low-voltage electrical.
Specifically, the directive is addressed to electrical equipment in alternating current and in direct current with a nominal voltage respectively between 50 and 1000 And between V 75 and 1500 V.

Italy has implemented the standard and published it in the Official Journal of the 29 March 2014 with the name Low Voltage Directive 2014/35 / EU.
The rule is intended to preserve the health of people, safeguard the damage to property and to exclude incidents for pets.

Among the changes introduced, include roles, the requirements and specifications of the manufacturers responsible, importers, distributors and authorized representatives immettano the Community market a new or used product, even if it imported from a third country.

The Directive gives precise guidelines for each subject:

  • The manufacturer must assess the conformity of the product by running the electrical safety verification and obtaining the certification CE.
  • L’importer must ensure that the procedures for the validation of compliance of the material have been carried out, must verify the presence of the CE marking and ensure that the technical documentation of the product is available to national competent authorities.

In summary, the distributor and l’importer must verify that the manufacturer has made back electrical safety testing, that the product is provided with the EC declaration of conformity and carry the CE mark as required by the European Parliament.

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