UKCA marking: how to proceed with the UK Declaration of Conformity

UKCA marking: how to proceed with the UK Declaration of Conformity

From 1 January 2023, the transition period for the UKCA marking will come to an end, making sure that the goods placed on the market of Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) they must necessarily bear the UKCA marking. This marking (UK Conformity Assessed) will testify that the goods comply with all applicable UK legislative requirements and that the procedures for assessing compliance have been completed correctly.

The UKCA marking

The UKCA mark will be affixed to many of the goods on which the CE mark was previously used. A necessary clarification regarding the Irish market: for 'northern Ireland CE marking remains stable and harmonized goods bearing only the UKCA mark will not be admitted to this market. On the other hand, to import products from Northern Ireland to Great Britain the UKCA mark will always be required.

Where one is compulsorily required for products with the CE mark third party conformity assessment, this would also be required for UKCA branded products. In order for the product to be marked with the UKCA mark the conformity assessment must be carried out by a recognized conformity assessment body in the UK. To date, at a technical and procedural level, the requirements, evaluation processes and standards, used for obtain the UKCA marking, are in agreement and similar with those required to obtain the CE marking.

CE Mark and UKCA Mark: the same procedures

The UK has adopted EU directives and regulations and therefore the same conformity assessment procedures. The new verification system provides, indeed, the same type of technical documentation, the same standards for product testing and legal requirements, compared to the system related to the CE marking.

At the level of the process necessary to obtain the UKCA marking, First of all, the directives and regulations applicable in the EU and UK that affect the product in question are identified, and then proceed to risk assessment connected to it. After identifying the Notified Body in the EU and the Approved Body in Great Britain (if necessary), as well as harmonized standards for the EU and designated standards "for the UK, if you proceed to redirect the technical documentation. Once the EU Declaration of Conformity and the UK Declaration of Conformity have been drawn up, production conformity can be guaranteed, thus affixing the UKCA marking.

The UKCA Declaration of Conformity

Regarding the Declaration of Conformity – as illustrated by official site of the British Government - this "must be drawn up for most products legally marked with the UKCA" and "must be separated from the EU declaration of conformity" of the same product.

The content and format of the UK declaration are similar to those of the EU declaration, but - among the aspects that differentiate them - the regulations of the United Kingdom must be indicated, the relevant statutory instruments and designated standards instead of harmonized standards. If a third party has intervened in the compliance process, Furthermore, a UK Approved Body and the references of the Certificate of Conformity issued must be indicated.

if you need, therefore, that the sale in the United Kingdom will take - definitively - the forms of’export and that therefore manufacturer, importer and distributor will have a number of specific obligations. The first two figures, particularly, will have the usual duty to check that the conformity assessment procedures have been correct and that the goods have labels and marks of conformity. They will have to be insured, finally, that the technical documentation has been drawn up, keeping a copy of the declaration of conformity for the usual period of 10 years.


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