The version 1.9.1 of the harmonized standard EN 300 328 It entered into force on 30 November 2016 replacing the previous 1.8.1 of the 2012.

The rule, on the good use of the radio spectrum, discipline putting on the market of fixed and mobile equipment dedicated to data transmissions in the band 2,4 GHz.
All technology products placed on the market and can generate wireless connections such as RLANs, bluetooth, Zigbee should be checked against this new version of the standard to prove their compliance with European directives.

Given the speed with which the wireless technologies evolve, referenced standards are subject to frequent revisions and updates, and manufacturers are required to demonstrate compliance of their products to these standards can be marketed on the European market.

What introduces the new version 1.9.1

Wireless transmitters proliferate and spectrum sharing has become one of the most important aspects on which the upgrade pays attention.
The version 1.9.1 of standard EN 300 328 It introduces new definitions about and clarifies the previous release. Change the value of the permitted limits and specific tests are required regarding certain aspects of transmission, sometimes with the application of changes to the test methods used.

Aspects taken into account in standard EN 300 328 v1.9.1

In the standard they are taken into account the following aspects:
• Output Power
• Spurious Emissions
• Transmitter Functions
• Bandwidth usage
• Adaptivity
• Receiver functions

How to update products to the new version of the standard?

As always a case by case assessment is necessary.
Generally, given the introduction of new permissible limits, equipment certified under the old version must be tested again, because the test results obtained previously may not be acceptable to demonstrate compliance to the version 1.9.1.

Particular attention should ask the producers that integrate radio modules already certified according to the old version of the standard, because this certification has no more value from 30 November 2016.

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