The harmonized standard EN 300 328

The harmonized standard EN 300 328

The rule EN 300 328 concerning the proper use of the radio spectrum and regulates the placing on the market of fixed and mobile equipment dedicated to data transmissions in the band 2,4 GHz, such as WiFi devices, Bluetooth, Zigbee.

It specifies the requirements to prove that radio equipment effectively uses the radio spectrum and supports the efficient use of spectrum, in order to avoid harmful interference. It also describes what are the spectrum access requirements to facilitate the sharing of spectrum with other equipment.

The application of the standard meets the essential requirements of Article 3.2 Radio of Directive 2014/53 / EU.

The rule EN 300 328 It is defined by ETSI (Institute European Telecommunications Standards) which it is the body responsible for defining and issuance of standards in the field of telecommunications in Europe.

Field of application: the standard applies to data transmission equipment operating in the ISM band 2,4 GHz and using broadband modulation techniques; in particular, equipment operating:

• Transmission: Frequency Bands 2 400 MHz to 2 483,5 MHz

• Frequency: Frequency Bands 2 400 MHz to 2 483,5 MHz

Main content of the standard

Field of application

The scope defines the categories of products to which the rule applies.


These are normative and informative references that the rule mentioned in it.

definitions, symbols, abbreviations

The rule contains definitions of terms used, as well as the symbols and abbreviations used.

Specifications of the technical requirements

In this chapter explains all the various possibilities in which the equipment can work, regarding the environment of use, the type of equipment and the requirements of compliance.

Tests for compliance with technical requirements

The standard describes methods of measurement, the execution conditions of the tests and the limits to be considered in order to demonstrate that the equipment conforms subjected to testing with the technical requirements.

The latest version of the standard is available on the official website of ETSI.

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