Video, audio and hobbies. Smart home automation and entertainment

The possibilities of use related to home automation are many and extremely varied; they range from guaranteeing an excellent level of safety for homes, through limiting waste, thanks to the smart management of electricity, water and gas systems. And among the regulation of flows and supplies, surveillance and security systems - the true core business of the sector - there is ample space for a series of devices linked to entertainment.

We are talking, in particular, about audio and video systems that make home automation their distinctive feature, but also about devices related to hobbies, relating to fields such as cooking and gardening. All, clearly, remotely adjustable and manageable in an integrated way regardless of the positioning of the devices themselves.

AUDIO systems in a multiroom perspective

A multiroom audio system has the main advantage of being able to control the sound by spreading it simultaneously in multiple rooms. The diffusion of the sound signal can be extended to all domestic environments independently, thanks to the centralized audio sources distributed in the various rooms. This entails the possibility of listening to the music you prefer, managing the volume and equalization, based on the needs of the individual members of the home who will be able to personalize their listening choices.

At the same time, the home automation audio system allows deep control of musical quality. Thanks to the smart controls you can manage various technical aspects of the sound of the selected track, starting from the equalization and tone adjustments, passing through the control of the reverb effect, ideally arriving at the adjustment of the resonance cut and the filter.

The control tools clearly operate on the basis of a digital interface accessible to all the inhabitants of the house who can, for convenience, create behavioral scenarios to be recalled quickly at the most appropriate time of the day.

home automation entertainment with multi-source VIDEO systems

Similar to what happens with audio systems, even in the case of video systems all the devices distributed in the home can be managed simultaneously, in a centralized and customizable way. A smart video entertainment system allows you to control all the TVs and devices in the home, ensuring that the most disparate programs are displayed on the various devices and controlled via smartphone, in terms of transmission, volumes and customizations.

The video system, thanks to an independent zone system, is defined by a plurality of sources distributed in the various rooms of the house, which allow video enjoyment through Blu-Ray, Sky, Netflix, Internet, streaming services, classic libraries digital and so on.

Two interesting possibilities in this scenario are connected to the integration of the system with the video surveillance system, to view the performance of the cameras on each desired device. Furthermore, you can move towards the creation of a real "cinema scenario", integrating the video system with the lighting system, curtain and shutter adjustment system, to define the most pleasant atmosphere for the user.

Home automation perspectives in the KITCHEN

Cooking is undoubtedly one of the most popular domestic activities for a multitude of users. Among the most versatile home automation devices we find smart speakers, a source of recipes, shopping lists, but also of useful information and entertainment in the kitchen. Elements with a more substantial role, the oven, the refrigerator, the hob and the hood, can be rethought in the name of home automation. The smart oven, for example, can download the cooking information of any recipe present online, storing it and implementing it.

On the other hand, a smart refrigerator can allow you to know the food contained in it even remotely, thanks to the internal cameras. This avoids the continuous opening and closing of the door, saving energy for the system and, by extension, can be convenient if you are at the supermarket and are in doubt about the shopping list. In addition to this overview, with a home automation hob it is possible to control not only the power of the plates turned on, but also remote switching off, also affecting energy savings. In this context, intelligent extractor hoods activate autonomously, managing the air suction power and reporting the wear of the filters themselves.

The home automation MARKET

As reported by the research conducted by the Internet of Things Observatory of the School of Management of the Polytechnic of Milan, the home automation market has resisted the critical issues arising from the pandemic without particular difficulties.

Among the Mediterranean countries, Italy and Spain respectively stood at a balance of 505 million and 420 million euros at the end of 2020. The closure of the French market, however, presented a growth of 3% for a value of 1.1 billion . Germany and the United Kingdom maintained clear growth, in line with the trend of the previous two years, with an increase in 16% and 10% respectively.

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