The implementation of the supplier's Declaration of Conformity (Sdoc)

In order to be imported and marketed in the United States, the radio-frequency devices must obtain a permit following the procedures laid down by Federal Communications Commission (FCC); procedures in November 2018 They have been subject to updates.

The categories of devices that must comply with the standards expressed by FCC regulations (part 15B) They are the following:

  • digital circuits that use, for their operation, Radio frequencies above 9 Khz;
  • radio receivers that tune in frequencies between 30 MHz e 960 MHz;
  • electronic devices that incorporate a single radio module already certified.

These restrictions apply to involuntary emissions of electronic devices, such as those from microprocessors and digital equipment, and at intentional emissions, as those produced by WiFi equipment, Bluetooth or other wireless devices.

With updating of legislation, They have gone to join two existing compliance processes, named Verification of conformity and Declaration of conformity, today conformed to a single process called Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC), ie declaration of conformity of the provider.

Obligations and procedures for SDoC

To get FCC certification of the product and meet the requirements SDoC, a manufacturer must perform, or have carried out by a competent laboratory as, Sicom Testing the verifications necessary for the evaluation of unintended emissions, document the results in a report, produce labels with the information required by law and include information on compliance in the documentation provided to the consumer.

Products for which it is required SDoC

The SDoC approval process is used both for the equipment Class A for those of class B.
Previously, Class A devices to ottemperavano Verification of Conformity and for equipment Class B was required Declaration of Conformity one to Certification.

For combined equipment, unintentional or intentional issuers, You must comply with Certification and / or SDoC, in relation to the specifications for the type of device in question.
There are in fact some devices for which it is expected the only Certification and some types of devices for which it is expected the application of both processes.
Eg, cell phones, WiFi, WLAN, laptops and tablet computers require both FCC certification that the application of SDoC procedure, presenting features linked to the same time intentional issuers and not.

Supplier's declaration of conformity

Responsibility of the conformity of the device

The provisions require that the SDoC, the documentation attached to the product, includes a statement of compliance and identification of the compliance officer; so that the final consumer can know these details.
The compliance officer must have the FCC certification, must be located in the United States and is responsible for communications regarding product compliance with FCC rules.
It is a major change in legislation, because in previous regulations did not require the appointment of a deputy to the tasks.

Compliance information in electronic format

The compliance information can be provided to the user in electronic format, wherein the device is fitted with a screen and the information can be accessed at no more than three steps. As an example of a process of this type, It can be understood as:
one) the ignition device;
two) access to a menu containing legal information;
three) access to a submenu where is information on the FCC.

Sicom Testing offers a complete service for the FCC certification (United States) it is to ISED certification (Canada) of products.

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    I'm in Brazil. I have two versions of equipment, one that has a built-2G modem and another that uses communication via network cable (ethernet) . I understood that for the model case with precise modem FCC certification , I am in doubt about without modem version, also I will need the FCC for this other version even her not having wireless communication component ?


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