Cooperation agreement between Sicom and Udicer

Sicom Testing and Udicer/Nautitest collaborate to provide a service of testing and certification of marine equipment by combining their respective skills in a synergistic way.

Sicom Testing is a laboratory of tests and certifications of electrical equipment, electronics and radios, expert in Testing Electronic Ship and in the investigation of problems with the on-board systems.

Udicer / Nautitest is a Notified Body that performs all the verification and certification procedures for the CE marking of recreational craft and components covered by the Directive 2013/53 / EU and the Directive on Maritime Equipment (Med) Directive 2014/90/EU.

The agreement, signed by dr. Roberto Passini, Director of Sicom Testing, and the engineer Adriano Bortoluzzi, director of the division of components Udicer, It enshrines the start of a new collaboration in the certification of electric motors for boats.

In this context, Sicom Testing makes available its expertise and experience in the verification and testing of marine products, with particular attention to aspects of electromagnetic compatibility of equipment, security and human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Another step forward Sicom Testing, which is expanding its network of partners and reinforces its position as a test lab and certification.

Sicom Testing and Udicer offer a complete service for the Testing Electronic Ship.

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