Certification of microcontroller-based automation systems: the importance of testing and the certification process

THE microcontroller-based automation systems they are increasingly widespread in various industrial sectors, offering significant advantages in terms of efficiency and control. However, it is essential subject these systems to thorough and complete testing to ensure they comply with the required quality and safety standards. In this article, we will explore the testing and certification process for microcontroller-based automation systems. Sicom Testing can explain theimportance of such tests and provide a complete certification service to ensure the reliability and compliance of automation systems.

The tests to be performed

  1. Functionality tests: Functional tests verify that the microcontroller-based automation system performs the intended functions correctly and efficiently. These tests include testing the user interface, checking input/output actions, managing communications, and other system-specific functions.
  2. Reliability testing: Reliability tests evaluate the automation system's ability to operate continuously and error-free over an extended period of time. These tests include monitoring the performance of the microcontroller, checking the stability of the system and detecting any anomalies or malfunctions.
  3. Safety tests: Security testing is essential to ensure the protection of operators, systems and data in the automation system. These tests evaluate the system's resistance to external attacks, protection of sensitive data, permission management and other security measures implemented.
  4. Compatibility and interoperability testing: Compatibility and interoperability tests verify that the microcontroller-based automation system is compatible with other devices or systems used in the operating environment. These tests ensure that the system can communicate effectively and cooperatively with other components of the automated system.

The Certification Process

The process of certification for microcontroller-based automation systems involves several stages:

  1. Preparation: During this phase, they are collected all technical data and information relating to the automation system. Sicom Testing can support the company in compiling the documentation necessary for certification.
  2. Assessment: During the evaluation phase, Sicom Testing experts perform the necessary tests to verify the compliance of the automation system to the specified standards. This includes functionality, reliability, security and compatibility testing.
  3. Analysis of the results: Test results are analyzed to determine whether the automation system meets the requirements for certification. Possible non-compliance they come identified and communicated to the company for the necessary corrections.
  4. Certification: Once the automation system successfully passes all tests and non-conformities have been resolved, the certificate of conformity is issued. This certificate certifies that the microcontroller-based automation system was tested and has passed all the required requirements.

The importance of testing and certification

The tests and the certification of microcontroller-based automation systems they are vitally important to ensure reliability, the safety and efficiency of the systems themselves. The certification provides documented proof that the automation system has been evaluated according to the quality and safety standards, ensuring that it is suitable for use and complies with industry regulations. Furthermore, certification can increase customer confidence in the system and facilitate access to international markets.


Testing and certification of microcontroller-based automation systems they are essential for ensure the reliability, safety and efficiency of these systems. Sicom Testing offers a comprehensive testing and certification service to help businesses ensure compliance of their automation systems. The importance of testing and certification cannot be underestimated, as they help ensure optimal functioning of automation systems and protect operators, plants and sensitive data.

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