CE certification for access control systems: requirements and procedures

CE certification is a fundamental requirement to market i access control systems on the European market. This certification certifies that the products comply with community standards and directives regarding safety, electromagnetic compatibility and restriction of dangerous substances. In this article, we will explore the requirements and procedures necessary to obtain CE certification for access control systems, providing useful information for companies wishing to start the certification process.

The applicable directives

To obtain CE certification, access control systems must comply with various European directives relevant. Among the most relevant directives we find the EMC Directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and the Directive RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). The EMC Directive focuses on the electromagnetic compatibility of systems, ensuring that they do not interfere with other electronic devices in the environment. Directive RoHS deals with the restriction of hazardous substances, prohibiting the use of certain harmful substances in products.

The certification procedures

  1. Conformity assessment: the first phase of the CE certification process is the assessment of the conformity of the access control system with the applicable directives. This assessment involves the review of technical specifications, compliance tests and technical documentation.
  2. Compliance testing: Once the initial assessment is completed, compliance testing must be performed. These tests may include electromagnetic compatibility tests, safety tests, weather resistance tests and other product-specific tests. Sicom Testing offers testing services and can assist companies in planning and carrying out the tests necessary for CE certification.
  3. Technical documentation: During the certification process, it is necessary to prepare complete technical documentation demonstrating the compliance of the access control system with the applicable directives. This documentation should include technical specifications, test reports, declarations of conformity and instructions for use.
  4. Declaration of conformity: once the tests have been completed and the technical documentation has been prepared, a declaration of conformity must be drawn up. This declaration certifies that the access control system meets all the requirements of the directives and that it has been assessed and tested according to the established standards.
  5. Affixation of the CE mark: After completing all the previous steps, the access control system can be marked with the CE mark. This mark indicates that the product complies with the directives and that it can be marketed and distributed freely in the European market.


Obtain CE certification for access control systems it is a fundamental step for companies that wish to market their products in the European market. Follow applicable directives, perform compliance tests and prepare accurate technical documentation key steps to obtain certification. Sicom Testing can provide assistance and consultancy throughout the CE certification process, ensuring access control systems meet regulatory requirements and deliver safety and quality to customers.

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