Good practices for FCC and ISED certifications

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States regulates all products containing radio transmitters - such as telecommunications, satellite and cable communication devices - guaranteeing the correct application of the Radio Communication Act. For the Canadian market, however, the same products are regulated by Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED). The key function… Read more

FCC Regulations: Procedural Updates for Electronic and Radio Equipment

The Code of Federal Regulations – the Code of US Federal Regulations which contains, among other aspects, regulations for electronic and telecommunications equipment – has recently undergone important updates. These make it useful, if not necessary, to provide an overview of some application details of the rules themselves. Clearly… Read more

Access Control and RFID: Overview and Future Market


RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Technology - thanks to the persistence of competitive costs and its growing penetration in various sectors - is witnessing high market growth, a trend that seems to be well confirmed also in terms of future scenarios. Among the applications that make this market flourishing, the commercial industry undoubtedly appears – … Read more

The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive


Directive 2014/30/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council - of 26 February 2014 - harmonizes the laws of the Member States regarding the electromagnetic compatibility of devices that can be placed on the market. The EMC directive presents itself as a regulatory text in the context of safety standards - referring to the IEC/ISO EN technical standards at ... Read more

Implementing the Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC)

Modem router

To be imported and marketed in the United States, radio frequency devices must obtain authorization following the procedures established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); procedures which were updated in November 2018. The categories of devices that must comply with the standards expressed by the FCC regulations (Part 15B) are the following: circuits … Read more

The importance of electromagnetic compatibility

Electromagnetic compatibility

Electromagnetic compatibility is an important issue in engineering and society today and is set to become increasingly relevant as computer and electronic technology advances. It is a relatively recent concept and its birth is linked to the large-scale diffusion of electronic equipment and their use in different … Read more

US market and certification FCC

FCC mark

With 332 million buyers and an almost constant growth in consumption of electronic, electrical and radio equipment, the US market is one of the most profitable and safest for manufacturers in the sector. Products placed on the US market must meet the technical requirements established by local regulations. The regulations and… Read more