Update EN 50121, railway rolling stock and electromagnetic compatibility

Update EN 50121, railway rolling stock and electromagnetic compatibility

the new edition of the standard has been published IN 50121-3-2 – Railway applications, tramway, trolleybus and subway. Electromagnetic compatibility – Part 3-2: Rolling stock – Equipment.

This latest update covers the technical standard called the harmonized standards IN 50155 Railway applications, tramway, trolleybus and subway – Electronic equipment used on rolling stock referred to by the European Directive on the interoperability of the European high-speed.
The new version, into force from May 2015, completely replaces the previous EN 50121-3-2 of the 2006, which, however, it remains applicable until May 2018.

As it has already happened for other updates in railways, we can expect that the manufacturers of these vehicles require early application of the new rule before it becomes mandatory, given the time of completion of projects, the high number of components and operational pretty long life of railway vehicles.
Even the test EN 50155 and the test EN 45545 They are updated according to the new legislation

EMC News: equipment up to 6 GHz and new standards for measurement methods

EN 50121-3-2, concerning the electromagnetic compatibility, the new version brings some substantial changes compared to the previous edition.
First it extends the emission measurements and immunity to equipment up to 6 GHz, keeping in mind, in this way, Also telecommunications standards that use higher frequencies to 5 GHz, such as some of the standard variants Wi-Fi.

Laptop on train

The application of this standard guarantees, then, that the devices commonly used by the passengers on these means do not interfere or not to be disturbed by electrical systems and electronic systems on board of railway vehicles.

A further novelty is the reference standard for the predisposition of the environments and of measuring systems in the lab that makes these electromagnetic compatibility tests.
Unlike when indicated in the previous version, that for this aspect referred to the norm IN 55011 – industrial equipment, scientific and medical (ISM) – Radio disturbance Features – Limits and methods of measurement, in the new version is referred to the group standards IN 55016 – Specification for equipment and methods of measurement of radio disturbance and immunity.

It then passes from the application of a rule of "niche", concerns scientific equipment and measuring instruments, application of a rule more general and diffuse, which concerns inter alia all consumer equipment.

The tendency to converge to a unique standardization

The last amendment introduced shows that at present there a process of convergence towards a unified way to perform measurements in products belonging to different areas and categories and, Consequently, fall under various European directives.
In this way the regulations nourish the technical evolution and ongoing costumes, in which the same dominant technologies permeate various fields and, at the same time, see live more and more areas were once separate.
An example is the common use of tablet, laptops and wireless technology on trains, airplanes and boats.


A similar convergence process is also occurring in the military sphere, for example in the case of various kinds of equipment supplied to law enforcement and the military bodies.
Under current European legislation, these equipments are exempted from complying with the same limitations and the same criteria which are subject electronic devices for civil use; however, to avoid the occurrence of problems in the field of electromagnetic compatibility which would otherwise occur, in recent years it is often also required to certify these devices according to the regulations of the civil equipment.

Furthermore, the application of the civil security standards in the military asserts the principle that even for military personnel, in the same way as any other worker, Health and safety must be protected from unnecessary risks.

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