The harmonized standard EN 50360

The harmonized standard EN 50360

The rule EN 50360 is the limit values ​​of human exposure to electromagnetic fields that radio equipment used in contact with the ear must comply in their normal operation.

The goal of the standard is to demonstrate that the devices conform to the basic restrictions and exposure limits on human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The rule EN 50360 It is prepared and issued by the CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) which it is the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization.

Field of application: The standard applies to wireless communication devices used close to the ear (is. mobile phones, cuffie wireless), in the frequency range from 300 MHz a 6 GHz.


• Field of application
• Normative requirements
• Terms and definitions
• Exposure conditions
• Conformity assessment

Field of application

The application field defines the equipment to which the rule applies.

Normative requirements

The standards documents are reported references cited within the norm.

Terms and Definitions

The chapter contains the definitions of terms used in the standard

Exposure conditions

This chapter shows information about exposure conditions to be taken into account when a device is verified. For example, the rule is that in the device evaluation is necessary to take account not only of all operating conditions, but also the foreseeable conditions of human exposure that might occur during operation of the apparatus.

Conformity assessment

Reference is made in detail to the technical standards to be applied to test the equipment and demonstrate compliance with the standard.

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