Upgrade of EN 50360:2001/A1:2012 Human exposure to electromagnetic fields

Upgrade of EN 50360:2001/A1:2012 Human exposure to electromagnetic fields

Since February 2015 it has become mandatory to apply definitively l 'Amendment A1 the European Standard IN 50360:2001/A1:2012 "Product standard to demonstrate the compliance of mobile phones with the basic restrictions related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields (300 MHz – 3 GHz)”.
Editing, introduced dell'Amendment A1, published in July 2012, It consists only in the elimination of a sentence from the text of the European Standard, but it is a change with important consequences.

worker safety

The amended paragraph contemplated the possibility of applying the standards prescribed in the ICNIRP Guidelines document 1998 less restrictive than those imposed by European Standard EN 50360.

The limit values human exposure to electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phones and other radio equipment, subject to being used nearby Ear, They could be different in the case of professional or non-professional use.
In fact, it was permissible to expose the worker to exposures up to 5 times higher than those allowed for the ordinary citizen.

With the final elimination of this derogation from the limit values ​​of human exposure to electromagnetic fields are unified.

The final application of Standard Europeo EN 50360:2001 / Amendment A1:2012 It intervenes on another important aspect derived from the presence of the reference to the document ICNIRP, often subject to misinterpretation in the application of measurement methods.
It's’ Successful fact that testing laboratories and certification centers have seen this exception can perform human exposure tests with alternative methods (or if we want to “with shortcuts”) compared to SAR measurement (Specific Absorption Rate) envisaged by standard or even, with an even more distorted interpretation, not to perform at all these checks.

In this context, the current update of the EN 50360 also has the merit to solve definitively the issue, clearing the field of possible ambiguities.

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