CE Marking

Sicom Testing run all tests and prepares the documentation
for CE marking of many types of products


Radio tests

Sicom Testing performs in its own laboratories
all tests necessary for radio products


human exposure
and SAR

The verification of compliance with the requirements of human exposure
today requires to master different evaluation methods


Electrified furniture

The correct application of European standards
allows the integration of the electrical components in products for furniture
ensuring security and quality of operation

Benvevenuto in Sicom Testing

the testing laboratory and certification of electrical products, electronic and radio that makes placing products on the market simply, fast and safe.
Born at AREA Science Park Trieste in 2003, the laboratory is distinguished by the following strengths:

  • SUPPORT of the customer before, during and after the stage of product certification
  • SIDE BY SIDE the customer to understand and correct any compliance issues or performance of its product
  • SIMPLIFICATION of the product development
  • SPEED the performance of the service
  • CONSTANT technical and regulatory update