Compliance testing of electrical and electronic equipment to the essential requirements of the LVD directive.

The low voltage Directive LVD 2014/35/EU concerns the safety of electrical equipment. It is a field where progress in recent decades have been huge. However we are surrounded by an increasing number of electrical and electronic devices, which use evolving technologies and in some cases introduce new potential dangers.

The consequence of this is that still nowadays there are accidents due to electrical or electronic equipment and in Europe two products per week on average are withdrawn for non-compliance with the requirements in this field.

The LVD directive concerns equipment with voltages ranging from 50 and 1000 Volts. For products with power lower than 50 Volt the Directive 2001/95/EC on general product safety is applied.

The verification shall be carried out according to the harmonised standards related to this directive. Mostly it consists of an analysis of diagrams and components used in the product relating to the use indicated on the package and the manual. Dimensional analysis are normally relatively isolations. In some cases the standards also require testing of faults, surge protection, thermal, mechanical properties and flame resistance.

In the harmonised standards related to this directive are considered not only the dangers from electric shock, but even those of mechanical origin, by outbreak, afterburn, the fire danger, emissions of light radiation, the release of toxic substances, etc.

L ’ analysis is rather complex and takes into account not only the normal use of the products, but also foreseeable abnormal use. You must also ensure that the product remains secure even if a failure occurs.

A particular aspect of security has emerged in the last twenty years and has become increasingly important, it is the human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Definitely the sensitivity to this issue was stimulated by the intensive use of mobile phones and by the presence of powerful radio and television transmitters. It was realized that electromagnetic pollution sources are many and recently has realized that it's not just the radio transmitters that emit potentially excess fields legal limits. For this reason it is mandatory to evaluate the human exposure for all electrical and electronic equipment.
The verification of compliance with the safety requirements is today a very varied and complex activity. To be carried out properly it requires time and an expert and experienced staff in this field.

Those who rely on an unqualified lab, maybe chasing the lowest price, are likely to see their product withdrawn from the market. In addition, in case it is determined a damage to people, animals or property, the person responsible for placing on the market that product can be called to account.

Sicom performs accurate assessments of the product and reports the results in a complete and clear test report. In case there are non-compliances of the product during the evaluation, Sicom plays a proactive role towards its customers and collaborates with them to find the cheapest remedies in order to place the product on the market in full legality and serenity.

The ability to assist the customer before, during and after the phase of product certification is one of the strengths of Sicom.

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