Radio testing

Evidence of the proper use of the radio spectrum.

For radio equipment, In addition to the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility and safety characteristic of electronic and computer equipment, You must ensure that the correct use of the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that the radio transmit within the frequencies, the powers and transmission times stipulated by the standards of reference to ’ in the European Community and in accordance with Member States ' national frequency plans. The fact that this product is a radio transmitter intentional provides that certain of the electromagnetic compatibility testing should be conducted differently than those of other equipment.

2014/53/EU directive is the European standard concerning radio equipment. Manufacturers and importers of such equipment are required to apply a conformity assessment procedure before affixing the CE mark and place their products on the European market. Similarly to what happens for electromagnetic compatibility and safety directives, the presumption of conformity of radio equipment can be obtained through the ’ application complete with all harmonized standards applicable to the product.

In this context stands the service offered by Sicom to companies that design radio equipment or that apply already certified radio modules, e.g. GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, DECT, SRD,WiFi. This is a high-quality service offered at attractive prices and carried out in a short time, in fact, the choice of Sicom is to stay ahead of the competition in terms of quality and price.

Thanks to the professional capabilities and Instrumentation available, SICOM is the only laboratory in Italy that can perform, for this type of applications, all the tests laid down in accordance with the 2014/53/EU directive and the relative harmonized standards.

In this way, Sicom can prepare for its customers technical files (Technical Construction File) fully compliant, even in those cases where it is not available any original documentation of the module.

The offer of Sicom is differentiated so as to cover the different certification needs of its customers: from the minimum testing required by the law, recommended for small productions, to the complete verification, as regards interoperability aspects with the network and service quality. Among these, SICOM is also able to offer the tests according to the protocols of acceptance of network operators.

Extensive experience in the testing working closely with designers allows Sicom to support customers in solving any technical problems that may arise.

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