Tests at the service of the design

A great experience in contact with designers to ensure that the product reaches the market fully compliant with all technical regulations.

In the event that the product presents nonconformances, SICOM offers to its clients sessions of examination and correction at its laboratories, by means of specific tools and methodologies to better locate the causes of non-compliance. In some cases the technicians of Sicom can also propose solutions.

While in the past these tests were routinely conducted in the presence of the customer's design engineers, recently we have been maintaining examination sessions during which the customer stays in touch via phone or skype with the laboratory. The technicians of Sicom, In addition to the measures, become also “the hands” that actually make the changes on the product according to the customer's specifications. This formula has been recognized to be very comfortable from our customers and also in termis of saving on travel costs of the technical staff.

In all cases the action of Sicom is intended to quickly find a cost effective solution to technical problems that arise.

Many customers, who still want to reduce the risk of surprises during the final certification, submit products to some partial tests of pre-testing during the development phase, especially in cases of implementing new design solutions. This also allows to accelerate the timing of the next phase of certification, to the finished product, because the final tests are successfully overcome avoiding further design changes.

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