EMC testing and EMC certification

Electromagnetic compatibility tests are used to verify that the equipment is immune to external disturbances and does not produce signals that disturb other nearby equipment.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC, from ’ English Electromagnetic Compatibility) refers to the discipline of electrical and electronic engineering aimed at ensuring that many equipment operating nearby or interconnected to one another continue to function properly, without disturbing each other.

There are two basic requirements for a good compatibility among electrical and electronic equipment:

  • the equipment must not emit too much disturbance,
  • the equipment must not be too sensitive to disturbances.

Electromagnetic compatibility, in addition to the disturbances from electrical and electronic equipment, considers two other important sources of interference:

  • voltage pulses generated by meteorological phenomena and lightning,
  • electrostatic discharges coming mainly from the contact of man with the equipment.

The transmission of disturbances follows two possible ways:

  • the conducted;
  • the radiated.

The disturbance is transmitted radiated when propagating in free space, while it is transmitted conducted when running along the interconnection cables of the equipment.

Starting from relatively simple principles, then follows a test technique that consists in many cases and subcases, each of which requires specific equipment and environments for testing. For electromagnetic compatibility testing, alongside a solid competence on the subjects it is required a significant investment in instrumentation, which must then be maintained calibrated and updated.

Sicom is competent to evaluate all types of equipment, electrical, electronic and radio. In particular the testing of radio equipment represents a major asset for Sicom in which it expresses a distinctive and profound competence.

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