Human exposure and SAR testing

Testing of “Specific Absorption Rate” for devices that are used in the proximity of ear and body and other evaluations of human exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EM).

Verification of human exposure to electromagnetic fields are part of the safety tests and are of particular importance, since they are related to the protection of the health of humans and pets. These security aspects have received increasing attention in ’ over the past years, extending to all electrical and electronic products the requirements of human exposure limits.

Today, as a result of numerous studies on the risks and the effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields ’, These assessments are required for all electrical and electronic equipment including lighting equipment, also present in the home environment.

SICOM is unique in Italy for his expertise in the field of the assessment of the human exposure and ’ SAR (“Specific Absorption Rate”) on equipment, having developed a laboratory with the participation of Area Science Park and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

In the telecommunications market has grown in recent years the production of devices used in close proximity to the human body for long periods of time. In order to ensure the protection of users of transmitting products from the exposure to EM fields there have been approved in many countries, such as Europe, America, Japan, Australia and Canada harmonized standards that limit the maximum exposure levels.

All mobile devices that are used in the proximity of the head or body in order to be placed on the market must be tested to demonstrate their conformity with these SAR standards. The SAR is defined as the amount of EM energy absorbed by the human body per unit mass and is measured in W/Kg.

There are different evaluation methods for equipment used near the ear like mobile phones, those close to the body including laptops, and those found on a table or on the wall or on the floor such as WiFi routers and appliances.

The International Committee for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has defined guidelines for the limits of exposure to electromagnetic fields. These guidelines are generally considered and accepted in many countries; However some countries such as the United States and Canada have placed more conservative limits.

In Europe the European Council recommendation 1999/519/EC defines the limits for human exposure in electromagnetic fields up to 300 GHz.

In The United States, human exposure limits are defined in the code of federal regulations (CFR) in Title 47, Chapter I, Part 2, fixing, among others, the SAR value for portable transmitting equipment at 1,6 W/Kg measured on 1 gram of tissue.

Sicom can offer testing of SAR for devices that are used in the proximity of ear and body and other evaluations of human exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

In Sicom laboratories the tests can be carried out according to European standards, american (FCC) and canadian. For the latter, the lab has been accepted in the list of laboratories approved by Industry, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED).

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