Testing of electronic equipment for marine use

SICOM is expert in the certification of nautical products and in the investigation of problems of on-board systems.

SICOM offers to companies operating in the field of naval electronics its consolidated experience in the identification and resolution of technical issues of electronic devices and radio transmitters. The offered services include:

  • Measurements and tests of WiFi and mobile communication on ships;
  • Check and maintenance of systems of <a href="#">audio communication</a>, video and data wired and wireless at passengers' service;
  • Investigation and resolution of interference problems with audio and video systems;
  • Investigation and resolution of problems of <a href="#">electromagnetic compatibility</a> concerning the disturbances among different electronic devices and/or radio installed on board;
  • Investigation and solution of problems of disturbances on the distribution lines and power supply.

At the stage of product certification, are performed among others in our laboratories:

  • Visual inspectioncabina di pilotaggio
  • Performance
  • Pressure
  • Insulation resistance
  • Power supply variation
  • Power supply failure
  • Inclination property
  • Vibration: Test 1
  • Humidity: Test 2
  • Low temperature
  • High voltage
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests for equipment incorporating active electronic components


Sicom test reports are also accepted in the certifications by Lloyd’s Register.


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