Testing and certification services

SICOM has developed the experience and expertise to carry out testing and certification in various fields.

CE and FCC certification: product certification testing according to the European directives, advice on certification procedures and preparation of technical files.

Development and debug testing: a great experience in contact with designers to ensure that the product reaches the market fully compliant with all technical regulations.

Radio testing: all tests required for the certification of radio equipment.

Human exposure and SAR: testing of “Specific Absorption Rate” for devices that are used in the proximity of the ear and body and other evaluations of <a href="#">human exposure</a> to electromagnetic radiation.

Safety: compliance testing of electrical and electronic equipment to the essential requirements of the LVD directive.

EMC testing and EMC certification: tests to verify that the equipment is immune to external disturbances and does not produce signals that disturb other nearby equipment.

Network operators acceptance: to test the product before sending it to the network operator, so to satisfy the technical requirements and avoid debugging in the laboratories of the telephone operator.

Testing of electronic equipment for use in the railway and subway: performing of tests on electronic products used on trains and subways.

Testing of electronic equipment for marine use: testing and solving of functionality issues of electronic equipment installed on boats.

Services for retail businesses: functional and interoperability tests on consumer products, sample check of the quality of production, control of incoming and outgoing batches, performance and comparative tests on the products to be marketed.

Tests on small and large appliances for domestic and industrial use: testing on household appliances, both for certification of certain product lines, and to investigate specific issues. In this area were also made important studies to integrate all radio technologies in this type of products according to the new trends of the Internet of things (IOT).

Technical investigations to verify the use of patents in products (Patent Infringement): in high-tech products, the technical investigation of use of patents can become really complicated. SICOM has developed some experience in this field, Thanks to the collaboration with a network of highly specialized laboratories in specific technologies.

Beta testing: performing of beta tests, for example on localization systems, to verify their correct functionality and reliability.

Applied standards: tests and certifications are performed according to these standards.

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