The concept of safety at work includes a number of preventive measures aimed at the protection of workers in situations of risk and health protection from injury or accidents, occupational diseases and exposure to physical agents, including the electromagnetic fields.

Although most of the sources of electromagnetic fields, present both in domestic work, produce non-risky levels of exposure, some of the most intense electromagnetic sources created by & #8217; men are found in the workplace.

The physiological effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body depend first and foremost on the frequency, Since different frequencies interact in different ways with the body: exceeded certain levels of exposure and intensity, the low frequencies can cause stimulation of nerves and muscles, While high frequencies may cause heating of biological tissues.
This is however by short-term effects, for now there are no concrete evidence of long term effects.

Security officers


The risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields are often derived from the use of equipment, that for their lack of manoeuvrability and low diffusion are not subject to strict market controls.

Are security managers within companies to detect issues and to be responsible for their resolution.

The security officer is often a professional who possesses the knowledge and skills to organize and manage all aspects of prevention and protection of workers in the enterprise.
He also inform workers about potential risks present in the workplace, surge implemented measures as well as on any Personal protective equipment to implement, in order to safeguard their mental and physical health.

The security officer is therefore a very important role within the company, Since it is able to detect problems, risks and dangers and activate the necessary procedures to ensure the safety.

More and more security officers are turning to experts for evaluation of risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields, so you can implement the appropriate protective measures and ensure the safety of workers.

Thanks to its long experience in the field of human exposure, SICOM is able to assess the risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields of different equipment: as a small radio transmitters used close to your body providing targeted testing, and as large as industrial machinery, providing on-site testing service.

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