Since may 2015 accredited testing laboratories cannot reissue test reports by changing the product name information, client's name, numero di lotto a seguito di richieste del cliente e con esplicito riferimento al rapporto di prova precedentemente emesso.

This is what has Accredia, the Italian Accreditation Body in the resolution 2014 (33) 31 on the requirement 5.10.9 the ISO/IEC 17025 “Changes to the test reports and calibration certificates” approved by the 33rd General Assembly of EA 27-28 May 2014.

The new measures aim to avoid malpractice implemented by some manufacturers for pure cost effectiveness. Some, using the methods of reissuing test reports as a result of changes to product name, have the opportunity to place on the market products which do not conform to the model testing.

In case of re-issuance, In fact, the foregoing does bring a different document predicted that the new code to be indistinguishable from the original test report. In this way a producer willing to act illegally could have two different test reports (for the price of one) for two different products, by submitting a single product testing.

An expedient of this kind has been repeatedly used in the case of electronic equipment manufactured to order, where you need to make changes to the product according to the specific demands of the customer.

In compliance with the test procedures, the laboratory test verifies that the production standard is manufactured according to the standards of safety, electromagnetic compatibility and use of the spectrum. Once issued the test report, referable solely to the product of that brand and model, manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that all manufactured parts conform to the model tested.

On the contrary, subsequent changes in production, How to replace a component or add functionality, may alter or affect all aspects of product conformity certificate. Not to mention the cases in which, in a totally illegal and clearly fraudulent intent, working on products to remove the security components for electromagnetic compatibility and safety.

Whether it's so minimal changes or large entity, evade the tests using the expedient of reissuing test report is an illegal practice that exposes irresponsibly end users at risk for his health and for his safety.

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