From May 2015 The accredited test laboratories can not re-issue the test reports by changing the information on the product name, Client's name, batch number in response to requests of the customer and with explicit reference to the test report previously issued.

This is what has Accredia, the Italian accreditation body in the resolution 2014 (33) 31 concerning the requirement 5.10.9 ISO / IEC 17025 “Changes to the test reports and calibration certificates” approved by the 33th General Assembly of EA 27-28 May 2014.

The new measures are aimed at combating unfair practices adopted by some manufacturers out of sheer affordability. Some, exploiting the mode of reissuing of test reports as a result of changes to the product name, They have the opportunity to market products not in accordance with the testing model.

In case of reissue, indeed, The above provisions, provided that ilnuovo document had to bring in a different code to be distinguishable from the original test report. In this way, a brewer wishing to act illegally could have two different test reports (the price of one) for two different products, But subjecting a single product testing.

A device of this type has been used several times in the case of electronic equipment produced on commission, in which it is necessary to make changes to product depending on the specifications of the buyer requests.

In respect of the testing procedures, the laboratory test verifies that the sample production is manufactured according to the standards in the field of safety, electromagnetic compatibility and use of spectrum. Once you issued the test report, attributable solely to the product of that brand and that model, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that all parts produced conform to the model tested.

Unlike, subsequent changes in the production phase, such as replacing a component or add a feature, They could compromise the conformity of the product with the applicable rules. Not to mention the cases in which, in a totally illegal and with evident fraudulent intent, action is taken on the products to remove the protection components for electromagnetic compatibility or safety.

What then it is of little or large scale changes, evade the tests using the device of reissuing of test reports is an illegal practice that exposes irresponsible the end user to risks to his health and for his safety.

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