Smartphone, Tablet to other wireless devices are now part of our daily habits. Have almost become an extension of ourselves: We use it frequently or even we wear them, often without even reflect that we're exposing and hold to electromagnetic fields.
Right to preserve our health, transmitting equipment that we use in close contact with the body are subjected to specific tests before being placed on the market, the so-called "SAR testing".

What is SAR?

The SAR, acronym for Specific Absorption Rate (Specific absorption rate) is defined as the amount of EM energy absorbed by the tissues of the human body per unit mass and is measured in W/Kg. SAR testing, then, measure the percentage of electromagnetic energy absorbed by the human body when it is near a radio frequency magnetic field. And the values thus obtained allow you to verify that you are not pushing the limits of safe exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Following the guidelines defined by theInternational Committee for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the European Union and other countries, as United States, Canada, Japan and Australia, approved harmonized standards that set out the maximum permitted emission levels to contain within certain safety tolerance thresholds of absorption. In order to implement these provisions, in the EU the SAR value allowed is 2 (W/Kg) 10 grams of tissue. The regulations of United States and Canada Instead they impose stricter parameters, setting the limit to 1,6 W/Kg measured over 1 gram of tissue.

SAR tests in laboratories Sicom

SAR measurement system

SICOM performs SAR testing for electrical equipment, electronic and telecommunications equipment used in close proximity to the ear and body and check the percentage of absorption for human exposure in the presence of electromagnetic radiation.

The laboratory is specially equipped to undergo such tests is small, as mobile phones, both larger devices, by doing the measurement of specific absorption rate not only compared to the head, But even compared to the abdomen and wrist.

SAR measurement is done using a machine consisting of a robotic arm, electric field probe and by special tubs, whose shape mimics the head and human body model. Inside the tanks contains a special liquid that allows to simulate human tissue characteristics. The device that performs the evidence is then placed under the tanks in order to simulate the usage in the vicinity of the head or body. The measurement is carried out by means of a complex testing procedure, at the end of which the value obtained from the measurements is compared with the limits set by local regulations.

SICOM: experience, competence and constant innovation

Thermography of the head

The laboratory Sicom dedicated to this kind of test and measurement, and developed thanks to the collaboration of the research body Area Science Park and the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, does. 2006 is a unique reality in the territory and established nationwide to its recognized competence in the field of verification on human exposure.
In this context, Sicom has developed extensive experience in measurement techniques, simulation and calculation for measuring SAR, testing devices in accordance with the harmonised standards in force.

The evolution continues the reference standards is accompanied by a constant update, focus is on skills and personal preparation Sicom's laboratory Instrumentation. And right about it, SICOM is actively engaged in looking for investments to finance the upgrade of the hardware and get the laboratory accreditation.

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    • admin
      admin says:

      Querido Yitzac, El valor de SAR se expresa en unidades de Watts por kilogramo (W/kg) y tiene que noted el fabricante del móvil en el manual del usuario.
      Saludos Cordiales
      Staff Sicom

  1. Cristian
    Cristian says:

    The SAR of a person may be "X", due to the non-ionizing radiation a phone Base Station emissions ? In brief, You can learn about a person as it absorbs the radiation from an antenna?

    • admin
      admin says:

      Querido Cristian,
      Gracias por contactarnos.
      Normally the SAR value is achieved by carrying out tests in a laboratory on a device radio. In the case of a base station, tests related to human exposure that can be performed are the electric field.
      Best regards
      Staff Sicom


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