The market for furniture products track components is growing in scope and of particular interest to manufacturers in the industry: sofas and armchairs, height adjustable desks, motorized beds, furnishing elements with wireless connectivity, are spreading rapidly in our daily life, both private and professional.

Wednesday 27 June 15.00 at the headquarters of Federlegno in Milan there will be a meeting of free training that aims to define the European legal context in which you insert the mobile track and inform producers about their responsibilities and how to discharge of its obligations. The workshop foresees the involvement of Dr. Andrea Grace, Laboratory Director TASTINGS for the wood-furnishing sector, and Dr. Roberto Passini, Director of SICOM test, Lab testing and certification of electrical products, electronic and radio products.

For months CATAS and Sicom testing work together to provide support to manufacturers wishing to place on the European market, its furniture electrified in compliance with applicable.

The Conference has the aim of illustrating the situation of electrified furniture in Europe starting at the classification of the relevant directives and then moved to the analysis of some typical cases.

You can subscribe to the event for free by registering on line at the following link.

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