Internet of Things (IoT) It is the natural evolution, and direction, of all the technological advances of the past decade. The interconnection has become the invisible thread that connects things, making dialogue, cooperate and interact in the service of man. Home Automation, smart car, Telework also transoceanic industry, automation and services. Striking is the example of the school and electronic registers, always connected to parents, in every moment of the day, They can control the outcome of the math test or any truancy.

The internet of things and all its derivations are creating jobs for professionals who until ten years ago were unimaginable. A side-by experts social media manager capable of dominating from every point of view this new subject, There are profiles highly specialized fundamental to ensure good interconnection operation and safety of the actors who are part.

The greatest power of 'internet of Things It is the ability to connect different objects, transcending all limits or compatibility in terms of materials, size and purpose. We think the house where the smart alarm system communicates with doors and gates, where the lighting system is connected to the smartphone and where, at least in the more advanced, at a distance it is possible to fill the water for the tub. Wonderful but who controls the gear does not jam? The man: super technicians and skilled engineers dedicated through checks and tests ensure that the objects and products placed on the market under.

Internet of Things It goes hand in hand with security and, the more I am ambitious and technological products put on the market the more you need to be vigilant and careful. Also there European Commission We are given a lot to do to accelerate the development of IoT, simultaneously increase the safety standards. The guidelines of the European community particularly referring to the need to address the connection between equipment and objects very different from each other creating a universal system of classification and testing of such objects.

A classification system and specific testing trying to answer a series of logical and very natural questions. For example, if you connect the machine to the wireless network of the house what will happen? How will the connection? And above all what the outcome? If the table becomes extendable from your smartphone (maybe just when you're cooking for a dinner and you want to optimize time) who or what guarantees that all things be done safely?

The knowledge of 'Internet of Things It is a matter that also very interested manufacturers. When the slow-cooker pot will be on the network it is necessary that the parent is informed about regulations, the potential and risks.

Connected cars

This is related to the relationship between objects, Internet and people. L’Internet of Things not only creates new professionals but also creates new relationships among the major industry players in a major macro-access both offline and online. The more the more things dialogues network work, the higher the guard and with it the safety standards the more they reduce the risk of accidents, even serious.

The IoT Behind the sparkling color technology, Behind the glamor of lights remoted, sensors and houses that manage themselves, It recounts the evolution of the primordial human need to relate to each other. They said the Greeks already with the concept of agora, he said it Aristotle who coined the definition of social animal, but also the television, Age of first widespread, had the task of unifying from a linguistic point of view, an Italy divided between a thousand dialects. Being part of a network, a social system is a basic need for humans. The Internet of Things is its natural evolution, a great system that not only connects the objects and devices but connect to each other all the people who use it and the industry.

Sicom It is a clear example of this offline and online access. With its specialized laboratories, It makes a link between the manufacturers and entrepreneurs and the reference market. Thanks to a series of specific tests, calibrated on European standards and the evolution of the industry, Sicom cooperates with the parent companies to enter the market safe products. His philosophy, a bit 'as the logical network and iperconnessione, is dialogue between highly skilled technicians searching for the perfect solution.

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