To launch their products on international markets companies have before them several steps to take. One of these is the requirement to certify that the products to be placed on the market fulfill the technical requirements set by national legislation.
In the electronics and telecommunications industry, the United States They are one of the most sought after destinations by producers, importers and distributors; but even here, as in other countries, the sale of these devices is regulated by an agency certification and regulatory, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
The FCC allows the marketing of electronic and telecommunications equipment only if they meet all the criteria of compliance with the standards prescribed by the regulations. So, products that pass the verification procedures and approval, get the FCC Certification and can be introduced in the US market.

FCC: standards for electronic and telecommunication equipment

In the United States, la Federal Communications Commission (FCC) It is the competent body that sets the rules and technical standards regarding the various types of electronic equipment, including radio frequency devices, telecommunications terminal equipment and industrial equipment, scientific and medical.

All the specific regulations, which refer to these and other devices, are contained in the different parts that make up the Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations US (Code of Federal Regulations).
Just to mention a few points, FCC regulations, for example in the early parts it is responsible to establish the maximum limits of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) for 'human exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
In the part 15 regulates the quantitative limit of electromagnetic interference emitted from intentional emitters, radios that broadcast without the need to license, and unintentional emitters, electrical appliances that contain within them a digital circuit and which operate in more than 9000 oscillations per second (9kHz).
The standards for mobile phones, satellite phone and radio transmitters are available, instead, at different points of the other parts that make up the regulations.

How to proceed to get the FCC Certification?

The FCC has three different authorization procedures: Check, Declaration of Conformity and Certification.
Depending on the products and procedures, the approval for the release of the FCC certification are the responsibility of the Federal Communications Commission or a Telecommunications Certification Body (certifying body for telecommunications). I TCB, present in limited number, bodies are allowed to verify that the product meets the requirements to receive approval.
In practice, electronic devices that require FCC certification must first be tested in the test laboratories, in order to verify compliance with the minimum standards required. Then, reports and technical documentation of the device testing should be screened by a body TCB, who will evaluate the results of the tests. If it deems the product complies, will initiate the administrative procedures necessary for the approval of certification.

If a manufacturer of electronic equipment wanted to expand its US market, it is clear that the first step is to definitely get FCC approval. But where to start?
Sicom, in collaboration with a leading certification body and other partners specialized laboratories, It offers its customers a full service consulting on certification schedules, It performs all the tests and prepare the documentation for the certification of different kinds of electronic products and telecommunications.

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  1. Diego yus
    Diego yus says:

    Good Morning,
    I would like advice on the FCC Rules; certification procedures, run all the tests and prepare documentation for certification of different types of electronic.
    Thank you,
    a greeting

  2. Roxana Avila
    Roxana Avila says:

    Expensive, How can I verify the authenticity of the FCC certification? The import and the company says it has certified FCC.

    • admin
      admin says:

      dear Roxana, the authenticity of FCC certification dependent certified product. To check the conformity of products, the FCC regulation establishes different modes depending on the type of product being certified (radio, electronic, etc). If you need more informarciones on FCC certification of their products, You can contact us at
      Best regards
      Staff Sicom

  3. Oscar
    Oscar says:

    Good afternoon I would like to know if you me.podrian work with the standard of a known brand of phone Lenovo k8, because it allegedly did not FCC would be a great help for me because here in Colombia these issues are very boring


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