Cell phones have revolutionized the social habits of the twentieth century. In the twenty-first pass to refine the components. After having surprised with the quality of integrated cameras and fascinated with touch-sensitive screens, It is now the turn of protection against water, feature at least once we wished he had. Stories about mobile phones lost at sea, in the pool, in public toilets we feel galore and sometimes we have enriched the stories with our direct (and desperate) testimony.

Something is changing.. today's technology gives a wink and seems ready to give us this’ that so far many bad words spoken on the air have failed to resolve: get the generation of phones that support water!

Before venturing out with exultation worthy of a total liberation sloppily always lurking is good to know the differences of the voices “water resistant” and “impervious to water”.


IP (ingress protection) is the abbreviation (generally stated on the data sheet of the phone) that refer to understand the level of product protection switchgear. The following IP numbers are important : indicate the degree of resistance of the device compared to “items first” our favourite summer place: the beach.

IP numbers are 2 .

  • The first number indicates the degree of resistance of the enclosure to the penetration of solid materials (grains of sand/dust). Varies in a range from 0 (no protection), such 6 (maximum protection).
  • The second number refers to the resistance to penetration of wrap liquids . The scale of permeability in this case varies from 0 (no protection) in 8 (protection with continuous immersion).

We can say that the “resistance to water” a mobile phone is indicated with Ipx2 (the “X” It's just an example because the number to refer to the liquid resistance is the second), as long as the water slip off vertically from product (see reference table).

The acronym that determines “water resistance” the product corresponds to a Ipx7 But even here the table help you understand limitations and considerations of the case because it is important to understand whether the device is protected to withstand a moment, few minutes and how deep (in the case of a fall overboard).

Now you will know you if you want to chat on the phone in the shower, typhoid shot just by accidentally dropping a glass of water on the device or feel free to choose the beach that you like without worries for the technology we bring. Whatever you choose, in fact, IP certification is an added bonus that today you can’ choose to have.

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