To be imported and marketed in the US, the radio-frequency devices must obtain a permit following the procedures set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); procedures in November 2018 They have been subject to updates. According to the provisions of FCC, They must comply with the rules on limitation of emissions expressed by FCC regulations (part 15B) […]

The CE mark is an indispensable element in the marketing of certain types of products on the European market. It's’ identified by a specific graphic symbol that guarantees consumers the conformity of the product with all the provisions of the European Community, in terms of health protection, safety and environmental protection. As highlighted in the […]

The 6 September 2018 Sicom Testing and Udicer / Nautitest have signed a cooperation agreement to create a new synergy in the field of certification and testing of marine equipment. Sicom Testing is a testing laboratory and certification of electrical equipment, electronic and radio, expert in testing of marine products and plant engineering survey of border problems. Udicer / Nautitest is a Notified Body that […]

The new European regulation 2017/745 Medical Device, entered into force on 25 May 2017 and repealing the former Directive 93/42 / EEC, It introduces important changes in the regulatory framework governing the placing on the European market for medical devices. The seminar will take place at the headquarters of the laboratory CATAS Brianza Lissone (MB) Thursday 20 September at 14.00 and […]

The market for furniture products that integrate electrified components is an area with strong growth and of particular interest to manufacturers of the sector: sofas and easy chairs, desks, adjustable in height, motorized beds, components of furniture with wireless connectivity, They are spreading rapidly in our daily lives, both private and professional. Wednesday 27 […]