Welcome to Sicom

SICOM is a laboratory for testing and certification of electrical, electronic and radio products. Every day, in its venues Trieste and San Canzian d Isonzo, highly skilled technicians shall ensure that the placing of products on the market simple, fast and safe.
Thanks to the correct execution of the tests, In fact, SICOM helps manufacturers reach their customers in full compliance with applicable.

SICOM has a consolidated and reliable work method to perform the following tasks.

  • Testing and certification of products for home use, of automation, industrial, Professional, for lighting, rail and marine.
  • Study of technical product information to be certified in order to establish standards to be applied for testing.
  • Monitoring the suitability of the samples before testing and verification of the documentation.
  • Instant validation by the head of the laboratory in case of evidence do not exceed.
  • Drafting of the technical file of the product.
  • If a test fails offers an in-depth session between the engineers and the manufacturer to quickly process a solution.
  • With product families Sicom assesses whether the tests performed for a model can be applied to others and not the repeats with a saving of time and resources.

SICOM He knows that for the time-sensitive companies. When you enter an asset on the market timing may prove to be a decisive factor in the success of the operation. That is why for all team members meeting deadlines is a priority. Always in this view, If a test is not exceeded, the customer is followed step by step in understanding the cause and fix the problem.


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