Welcome to Sicom

The test and certification laboratory that simplifies the development, testing and certification of electrical, electronic and radio products.

We provide complete, high-quality services, including:

  • Testing: our laboratory is specialized in performing tests on electronic and telecommunication equipment.
  • Consulting for certification and preparation of Technical Construction File: We have been doing this for many years.
  • Development support testing: testing is for us a real service for the design, We can substantiate the problems and give practical help to make equipment compliant with legal requirements and with specifications of large customers. We are also experts in identifying and resolving any performance issues shown by products.

With many years of experience in the certification of products we can fully relieve our clients even of formal aspects concerning the placement of a product on the market.

Testing and certification services

Design of automated rf test systems

We are also able to develop automatic test systems suitable for quality control, batch inspection or production testing. We take care of the definition of the testing method in response to customer needs, We identify the most suitable measuring instruments together with the other components of the system, Finally we develop the monitoring software that automatically performs the cycle of measurements and issues the report in the format chosen by the customer.

Some examples of creations of Sicom designers:

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