A thorough certification to avoid problems on the market

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The new Samsung Note 7 catches fire. How much does withdraw a product from the market?

Even for those with much more limited productions, the cost of a non-conformity of the product is considerably greater if it detects when the product is already in circulation, compared to be detected and resolved being certified.
In some cases also rely on major international brands of test and certification is not a guarantee of quality.

L ’ all required standards during certification of a product is in fact a matter of some complexity and its proper execution requires precision along with a great technical competence.
Those who work in this area must be very careful in assessing the declarations and documentation provided by manufacturers and suppliers of individual components, because in some cases do not represent exactly the reality of product.Non-compliance of the product

The work carried out by the testing and certification laboratory aims at the protection of his client and to avoid serious problems when the product is in circulation. However some clients don't realise this role, especially if they record delays in planning stages can prevail a blind desire to obtain certification at all costs, as long as quickly.

In many cases, it is recommended the involvement during certification a laboratory as Sicom testing, characterized by a competent person and by a ’ extreme care for your product and customer protection.

To enter your product on the market with calm, in full safety and compliance with all the applicable standards, talk with confidence in Sicom testing (info@sicomtesting.com)

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