The main anechoic chamber in Sicom celebrates 5 years!

Anniversary anechoic chamber

SICOM test s.r. l. celebrating these days the 5th anniversary of the realization of its main anechoic chamber used for measuring EMC.
This is the fourth largest anechoic chamber that the laboratory Sicom uses and is larger than all previous: It is a room of 6x6x9 meters with two precombustion Chambers. Per Sicom ha rappresentato un importante passo avanti ed è ben valso l’acquisizione di un nuovo capannone, need to host this important working tool.

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Studies and experiments done with anechoic precedents have allowed Sicom to develop a good jurisdiction in this matter and helped to define the current layout of the room ’ solutions. D’altra parte Sicom ha allestito camere anche per altre aziende, including Telecom Italy, and in all cases the ’ elasticity of designers allowed him to propose solutions to suit every budget and cropped to lspecific requirements of the customer. Indeed, sometimes were just cheaper solutions to enable you to be more daring in terms of innovation and materials, and in the end they presented exceptional performance.

The room that now turns 5 old is the reflective floor that makes it suitable for testing even more traditional standards; and due to its size meets fully the requirements for both European and North American ones measuring environments.
The smallest rooms in fact may not have the performance characteristics of the site (NSA, normalized site attenuation) own standards at lower frequencies. However, insufficient sized rooms are very common and surprisingly are also used in many accredited laboratories. Among them there are some that use an accreditation site but then do the measurements for customers in another; in some cases, the site in question is an accredited site all ’ open, a solution currently not suitable neither for emission measurements nor to measures of immunity, due to the high noise level in ’ ’ environment and laws that vietano to issue disturbances while taking measurements.

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