US market and FCC certification

FCC and CE marked circuit

To launch their products in international markets, companies have before them several steps. One among them is the requirement to certify that the products to be placed on the market comply with the technical requirements laid down by national laws.
In the field of electronics and telecommunications, the United States are one of the most popular destinations from manufacturer, importers and distributors; But even here, as in other countries, the sale of these devices is regulated by a certification body and regulatory environment, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
The FCC allows the marketing of electronic and telecommunications equipment only if they comply with all the criteria of compliance with standards required by the law. So, products that pass testing procedures and approval, obtain FCC certification and may be introduced in the US market.

FCC: standards for electronic and telecommunication equipment

In The United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the body responsible for defining the technical norms and standards regarding the different types of electronic equipment, including radio frequency devices, telecommunications terminal equipment, and industrial equipment, medical and scientific.

All special local regulations, referenced by these and other devices, are contained in the different parts that make up the Title 47 of the code of federal regulations of the United States (Code of Federal Regulations).
Just to mention a few points, FCC, in the early parts deals such as to establish maximum levels SAR (Specific absorption rate) for thehuman exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
In Part 15 regulates the quantity limit of electromagnetic noise emitted by intentional emitters, radios that broadcast without needing a license, and unintentional emitters, electrical appliances that contain within them a digital circuit and operating at over 9000 oscillations per second (9kHz).
The rules for mobile phones, satellite phone and radio transmitters are available, Instead, at different points of the other constituent parts of the regulations.

How to proceed to get FCC certification?

FCC label

The FCC has three different authorisation procedures: Check, Declaration of conformity and certification.
Depending on the products and procedures, the approval for the release of the FCC certification are the responsibility of the Federal Communications Commission or a Telecommunications Certification Body (telecommunications certification body). THE TCB, present in limited numbers, are entities authorized to verify that the product meets the requirements to receive approval.
In practice, the electronic equipment that require FCC certification must first be tested in test labs, in order to verify the minimum required standards. Then, the test report and the technical documentation of the device should be examined by a TCB, who will evaluate the results of the tests. If it considers the product conforms, initiate administrative procedures for approval of certification.

If an electronic equipment manufacturer wanted to extend their market to United States, It is therefore clear that the first step is definitely get FCC approval. But where to start?
SICOM, in collaboration with an important certification and other specialized laboratories partners, offers its clients a complete service of advice on certification procedures, run all tests and prepare the documentation for the certification of different types of electronic and telecommunication products.

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  1. Attilio regolo

    We need counseling to manufacture in China as brand the following two products:
    1- CCTV ( cameras for video surveillance);
    2- Split air conditioning systems;

    before starting production, We need to know what the European standards for obtaining various certifications valid in Europe.
    Pending, We salute.
    Samef srl
    The Chief Executive Officer
    Dr. Attilio Regolo
    Mobile 3358177235

    1. Admin (Post author)

      To market a product in Europe must be present on the European territory a subject, natural or legal person, responsible for them whether. The responsible party must ensure that all the pieces onto the market correspond to all applicable European directives that product. To do this it must be tested a sample before placing the product. Most of the products are subject to harmonised standards that indicate which tests to run and how to perform them to assume that the product is in conformity with the. In addition, Product Manager, will have to put in place a quality control on products so as to ensure that it conforms to the standard originally tried. For most product types in charge has the authority to perform the tests at a workshop or relying on an external laboratory also uncredited. In all cases the harmonised standards do you apply all, thoroughly and methodically corresponds to what is stated.
      Are also valid test reports obtained in Chinese laboratories, but you should take some precautions for completeness, the adequacy, updating the standards applied, the veracity of the test report.
      Some companies are turning to Sicom to verify from a formal point of view the test report, other companies ask us to repeat some of the evidence.
      For these imports is difficult to have a direct control over production, so often we are asked to do random checks on incoming batches. In this case, we randomly selected one or more pieces from the lot and checks. This is done to guard against possible deterioration of the quality of the products delivered after that trade agreements have been initiated.
      The test labs as Sicom can assist companies in all these aspects so as to protect them from technical problems, administrative penalty and image that may arise. Please contact us directly to discuss specific situations or through a post on this same channel.

  2. Fabrizio

    Hi, We are a start up
    I and my team we are building a wireless charger for smartphone, intended for home and offices

    the electronics are made under our designation in China and expected to be released by the Chinese manufacturer of CE and FCC certification

    Given this, it is necessary to check the real security of’ Electronics from a certified laboratory like yours?

    We speak to this point only internal electronics, for the rest of the finished product ( outer shell ) should be made a new test for the finished product?

    do you provide all other documents required to be in compliance with the applicable regulations, CE and FCC ?

    Thanks for your attention
    Awaiting your friendly reply, greeting

    1. Admin (Post author)

      In this case the importer is completely responsible for the product placed on the market. So is his interest in ensuring compliance with the applicable standards of all the pieces put into service.

      Some of our clients ask us to verify the consistency of the Eastern manufacturer's documentation. Other clients prefer to repeat in our product tests.

      The importer has, in these cases, no control over production and therefore must ensure that the standards be maintained for all pieces produced by testing a sample incoming batches. The checks cannot be limited to mere aesthetic but will have to answer back, in whole or in part, compliance testing of the product.

      All tests are performed on the finished product and complete, some of them may give different results by removing and changing the product wrapper.

      SICOM can assist its clients in all these aspects regarding both the CE marking that the FCC. The fastest way to request the services of Sicom is by accessing the site and by clicking on the appropriate button at the top right.

  3. Simone

    Hi, also I speak from startup hardware. I read the previous comment and I arise some doubts.

    What then is the advantage, between finding myself a Chinese supplier (that provides me with just one piece of the entire product) I have the CE/FCC certification; than to find one that has no certification?

    There has to be an advantage in getting supply from a Chinese company that has already certified all and there is no way that I should redo again da capo FCC certification like that made by Chinese manufacturer was useless. And I say this all the more so for the fact that, If that were the case, the Chinese producer would spend a penny to certify its products.

    Then, What is the advantage of the ask an Chinese manufacturer that certifies its products? Controls that remain for me (importer) will be maybe cheaper? I would like clarification on this point if possible.

    Thanks in advance,
    Cordially, Greetings.

    1. Admin (Post author)

      Goodmorning Simon,
      in some cases the presence of certifications may indicate greater credibility of suppliers and increases the chances that the product exceed the technical specs. In other cases, If it is a component, It may not make much difference in practice. However if the “component” whether a radio module, things aren't so simple (both technically and regulatory). The situation is completely different if the vendor has a representative resident manager in key markets, Europe and USA, in this case he is the importer and is fully responsible for its product.
      Each case must be assessed specifically taking into account the risks and responsibilities that entails.

      A greeting and good work by the staff of Sicom

  4. Alejandra

    Somos a startup que piensa lanzar al mercado a smartphone fabricado en China, ¿cuáles son los requisitos y pasos a seguir para lograr la certificación CE FCC Y de nuestro producto?

    Su empresa ofrece asesoramiento en toda la documentation necesaria para la CE y FCC ?

    ¿Cual seria un costo aproximado?

    Gracias ,Saludos.

    1. Admin (Post author)

      Dear Alejandra,

      FCC and CE certification of your product, You must submit to a series of tests for compliance with us and European regulations.

      SICOM can help you perform necessary tests and to prepare the documentation necessary in order to market your product.

      In order to prepare for her an offer targeted, You can contact us through the page

      SICOM staff

  5. Maximilian

    Good morning,
    We are a company of lighting and for our product we would like to maintain FCC certification. The electrical part consists of an LED headlamp, There are antennas talking receivers. What are the steps that we must to? Just make the tests in a laboratory certified or must still be approved by FCC?
    Thanks for your attention.

    1. Admin (Post author)

      Good morning,

      As your product does not contain radio interfaces, simply test it in a competent laboratory for compliance with FCC requirements, without the involvement of a certifying. SICOM can offer you support in all steps for the certification of your product, by running the tests in accordance with applicable FCC regulations and preparing the necessary documentation.


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