News and changes in CE marking: new EMC Directive, LVD and Radio


The 20 April 2016 enshrines the entry into force of the new European directives mandatory part of a much broader process of alignment to the New Legislation Framework. Among the new directives, there are two particularly important for the electronic devices sector: the EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility 2014/30/EU the A LVD on the safety of low voltage electrical equipment 2014/30/EU, they replace, respectively, the 2004/108 / EC and 2006/95 / EC.

Albeit not affecting its fields of application and essential requirements, These directives make substantial changes at different levels, the harmonized definitions of the obligations of economic operators involved in the distribution chain of electronic products, from the conformity to the CE marking procedures in the strict sense.
Existing products will then recertified according to the new guidelines before 20 April 2016; the pieces in the distribution chain before that date may be marketed.
For the new radio Directive KING 2014/53/EU, which replaces the 1999/5 / EC, instead it is a period of transition from 13 June 2016 at 12 June 2017, in which you can apply in both the old and the new Directive.

What will change for economic operatorsEurope

Of particular importance are the changes affecting the responsibilities of economic actors in the marketing of electronic equipment in the European market. From a part, the guidelines clarify the obligations of manufacturers, While from ’ other introduce new ones to importers and distributors, who must not only ensure that the manufacturer has carried out properly the procedures for assessing the conformity of products sold, but also that these are accompanied by the relevant technical documents and who regularly bring back the CE mark, the details of the producer and contact, where applicable, importer.

Falls on manufacturers in the first place, however, the responsibility to correctly check the conformity of each product placed on the market, aligning itself with the changes envisaged by the new directives and harmonized standards updated, repeating where necessary evidence of compliance of products.

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