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The trade in Europe of products from the United Kingdom.

Uk europe

The European Commission has issued a document which concerns the effects of Brexit on trade in Europe of products coming from the United Kingdom. The document covers all products introduced into the community, excluding food and agricultural, starting from…
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Product safety of furniture: risk analysis

The 14 September, at the headquarters of Catas of San Giovanni al Natisone, the Conference was held: Product safety of furniture: risk analysis, a transversal topic affecting the industry and its major players….
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The evolution of the Internet of things (IOT)

Internet of things

The concept of “Internet of Things” (IOT-Internet of things) has spread exponentially in the last decade and is now an essential part of everyday life. IoT refers to a system of networks of interconnected digital and electronic devices, capable…
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The conformity of wearable devices


As part of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things), one of the trends that has been spreading exponentially is definitely that of “Wearable devices” . It's all those electronic devices, often equipped with radio technologies, they can be worn…
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A bit of clarity on the new Radio Directive

Radio equipment

Sicom is receiving many requests about the upcoming EU Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU: here is a summary in response to the most common requests about the application of the RED. What radio equipment is covered by the RED The directive…
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Safety and health at work


The concept of safety at work includes a number of preventive measures aimed at the protection of workers in situations of risk and health protection from injury or accidents, occupational diseases and exposure to physical agents, including…
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The news of the harmonized standard EN 300 328

radio tower

The new version 1.9.1 harmonised standard EN 300 328 entered into force on 30 November 2016 replacing the previous 1.8.1 of 2012. The norm, on the proper use of the radio spectrum, regulates the placing on the market of equipment…
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